Love Those Dots, Part 2

Dots and Dots in my favorite colors! MultiDot Collection by French Bull for Windham Fabrics
Yesterday I posted that I would play with some of these fabrics and I did. I cut 2 large squares from each of the dots collection and then combined them with squares of Windham's Spin Collection of bright, jewel-toned basics.
Yummy solids and dots in a real Spin (no pun intended)
I made 3 stacks of fabrics out of the first 16 squares and then made 3-4 cuts in each of the stacks. Did a little shuffle and re-sewed the units together. Honest - I am not kidding - it took under an hour to sew all 16 blocks. This is the basis of the class called Colorburst Squares I am teaching this Fall with the Sewing Expo, so I can't give out the pattern here. But basically it is a variation on the ever-present Cobblestone Block that you see in all the magazines and publications. But my quilt has the centers of each block floating around - so there's much more movement.
Colorburst Squares© using Dots and Brights (Spin)
I have another 16 blocks to sew for a very nice sized bed quilt. The blocks finish to 9".


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  2. I love the dots. The blocks turned out great. I guess I am going to have to start a stash of dots. I think I am hooked and your block pattern works well with the dots. Thanks for sharing. Robin

  3. Dots are a must have!

    That's a great quilt! I love how the squares are floating like that. Sometimes we need fast and easy quilt patterns to fall back on.


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