More Joys of Hex - Twisted Hexagons

You've probably noticed that many of my most recent posts are about hexagons and the 60 degree angle. It's my "Turning 60" series, subtitled "The Joys of Hex." This is Friday and I like to post about Benartex fabrics on Fridays. A new collection that I had no idea what to do with finally spoke loud enough to me to let me know what it wanted! This is the Feathers and Fancy Collection that is full of peacocks and beautiful, sophisticated curvy patterns. I discovered a block someone has called the Twisted Hexagon and I used my own half-hexagon template to cut out the patches.

First the block:
Twisted Hexagon block using Feathers & Fancy by Benartex
I discovered that the center hexagon shape can be fussy cut to include the entire peacock! How cool is that? The center hexagon is twice the finished height of the half-hexagon (of course!)

Full hexagon, fussy cut center using a freezer paper template cut from the half-hex tool
Cutting the half-hexagon patches with my acrylic template
The half hexagon patches are cut from a 3" x wof strip. Each strip yields 8 patches. Each block requires 3 orange and 3 green patches, plus the fussy-cut center.

Here is the alternate color placement. Notice that the green and orange patches are in a different order?
Twisted Hexagon Block 2, different color placement
Now, I only had enough of the orange to make 6 blocks. The fabulous gray leaf fabric is the perfect, modern color for the block backgrounds. I used my 60 degree Spiderweb ruler to cut the setting triangles. Both of these tools work so perfectly together. ANY 60 degree ruler can do both of these cuts. I just happened to realize that what I created for two different classes actually can be combined like this. Now I'm on a roll!!!

Here are 4 blocks sewn together (actually 6, but I only photographed 4). Still contemplating the borders.
4 of the 6 Twisted Hexagon blocks. Borders? Hmmm.
Notice how I had to arrange the placement of the two half-hexagon colors.

The 6 blocks will make a good sized table runner or wall banner. Since I only received 1/2 yard cuts of the collection, it limited what I could make (but I did receive all 3 of the colorways).

Yes, this will be an ADD ON to my Batik Braids (Half-Hexagon Braid) quilt pattern. Same template, very, very different block. You can even cut the center full hexagon using the half-hex template. More on that next week. I am playing with TWO (yes, TWO) more fabric combinations for this block. I think I'm addicted.


  1. This is very pretty with the fussy cut peacock. I'm going to have to try this block I really like it!
    hulseybg at gmail dot com

  2. This looks so good and tempting. I can feel the urge to have a go with hexagons coming on.

  3. Beautiful. Your templates certainly look like fun.



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