Santa Claus is Coming . . .

Last day of November. Don't even want to think about Christmas! (And yes, I have some Hanukkah quilts; they're coming!)

I do have a lot of quilts that I can share in the next few weeks and maybe even a few patterns. The first one I thought of is my paper pieced sampler. In looking through my computer files I see that this was published in 2003, so probably made a year before. It also appeared in my 2007 Block a Day Calendar.

Winter's Favorite Things, appeared in Quilt Magazine 2003
I'm going to dig around to see what I can find. If you still have the 2007 calendar, this appears in December (natch!).
Winter's Favorite Things from the 2007 Block a Day Calendar
These sorts of projects appear in my 2013 Block a Day calendar.
2013 Block a Day Calendar (hundreds of blocks, about 70 quilt projects)
 You can still order the 2013 Block a Day calendar.

I have so many quilts to share. I'm going to find a pdf of one of those foundation patterns and add it here in the next few days. I'm curious: which one of those patterns above would you like to see (if you had to pick one)? I may end up providing all the patterns, but I am curious as to which one grabs your interest!

1. Earmuffs
2. Ice Skate
3. Penguin
4. Fireplace
5. Pine tree
6. Cardinal

If you care to comment, please do! More quilts are coming!


  1. I would like either the penguin or the pine tree. Or any thing in the dark country palette. Love your stuff.

  2. Oh, the cardinal, please! I love that cardinal!

  3. I'm a fan of cardinals and pine trees! :)

  4. The penguin. That is less available than the rest.

  5. I love them all. I would pick the penguin and cardinal

  6. The cardinal grabbed my eye. I especially like the red for Christmas.

  7. I think the Penguin or possibly the Cardinal

  8. Lovely quilts! Cardinal is wonderful (also like penguin!) Well actually, I like them all!!!!!


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