The Joys of Hex - Little Bugs

My Random Number Generator selected Alberta P. as the winner of my Spiderweb Ruler and set of 2 patterns (from Wednesday's post). Thanks to all 59 of those who commented and gave me their opinions of how to set those 16 Grandmother's Flower Garden blocks. I am close to putting them together, and it won't even be like the two options presented. I've been sleuthing!

Sometimes it's just fun to play with novelty prints. This new collection, Bugalicious by Blank Quilting was perfect for my current theme: The Joys of Hex/Turning 60.
One buggy hexagon and four spotted triangles
These were cut with a 60 degree ruler (not to be confused with a Kaleidoscope or Tri-Recs tool)
15 blocks stacked in rows of 5; dotted vertical sashing. Fun!
I combined all 3 of the colorways (green, yellow and blue). These butterflies, ladybugs and caterpillars will put a smile on any child, young or old.

These blocks were cut using my 60 degree Spiderweb ruler.

So, tell me about the hexagons. Any 60 degree ruler will do. Cut a strip the size of the finished height of your hexagon PLUS 1/2" (for seams). Fold in half along length (now the strip is 1/2 the cut size). Align the horizontal line on the ruler (along the fabric fold) that corresponds to the finished height PLUS 1/4". Cut along both sides. Open up and you will have the perfect hexagon (see the first picture above). Afraid to cut your fabric? Test drive this on any computer or construction paper.

And what does the quilt top look like?
Mitered borders (I was short of enough fabric of either print)
Yes, I'm on a roll with my love of hexagons. The Joys of Hex! Stay tuned because the more I sew, the more I discover. I have some more blocks to share later this week.


  1. Great bugs, and love the dots and stripes.

  2. This was really cute and how easy to do with the right tools!


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