Vroom! Vroom! The Wheels on the Bus . . .

City Traffic Quilt by Pam Rocco, as seen in the latest issue of Quilter's Newsletter Magazine
It is very rare that I would make someone else's pattern. I don't get paid to make anything other than my own patterns. So, you know I was quite taken by Pam's quilt. The fun part is that the blocks are a combination improvisation and paper piecing. And it's a FREE PATTERN at the QNM web site. I asked permission from both QNM and Pam to share this and the blocks I am making for my oldest, favorite grandson (his little brother was born October 30, so he's my favorite youngest grandson.)

City Traffic Quilt is a free download at the QNM site and is very easy to follow and is several pages of color. I am making my blocks with a white background and got the cool idea to put people and critters in the windows. And my oldest daughter Audrey suggested I print pics of family members and put them in the windows! How cool is that?

Here are the blocks I have so far.
Smart Car (my grandson's parents actually own an orange smart car)

Big Orange Truck

Green Sedan (notice that tail pipe!)
Blue truck

The Big Yellow Bus with school kids having a wild party inside!
 These are fun. I am making several more once I get the special treated fabric to print pictures. I will share my progress. But if you think these are as cute as I think they are, go visit the QNM site and get a copy of your own City Traffic by Pam Rocco. Thank you, Pam and QNM. These are awesome!


  1. This one is so cute !!! Thanks for letting us know. Love the idea to put photo's behind the car windows.

  2. I adore this...with all grandsons..this would be vrrooooom to their beds at night ....lovely Debby

  3. I saw this in the magazine. great pattern for the little ones.
    thanks for posting it .

  4. Thanks Debby! My grandson will love this.

  5. I wish I had more grandchildren. This is very cute.

  6. Now I can't decide whether I like the whole quilt better or the postcard versions. I loved the photos you put in those pieces for the boys to share.


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