Double Wedding Ring Blocks

I can't even remember who I gave this to!
I pulled out a box of paper pieced Double Wedding Ring wedges that I began almost 5 years ago. I seemed to remember that I had made other DWR quilts in the past (some I remember, like the one in my first book). But the yellow and blue one in the picture above I honestly completely forgot about it. It was a flannel rag quilt and was gifted eons ago. Not even sure when it was published, but it really had to be over 10 years ago.

Now, back to those DWR paper pieced units. I started and stopped so many times that I thought - "Maybe today is my lucky day!" I took out my two DWR books just to get some inspiration for layout. I think I'm getting close!

I used a variety of 1930s reproduction prints; precut my strips for quick sewing
Paper piecing is sewing through the paper, on the lines, creating accurate patches

Trim along outside paper line; remove paper; add first teardrop wedge

A square on each end of another paper pieced unit; pin, pin, pin!
I made several of these units which will be attached to other units.
Isn't she pretty?! The key is accurate 1/4" seams and slow sewing.
I had abandoned this section, but I did have some awesome piecing going on! I realized that I needed a plan before going on. I have about 25 of the paper pieced wedges sewn. The job now is to join them. Probably enough for a table runner. I'll keep you posted. (BTW - the outside edges will be faced with interfacing and I will machine applique them to a large piece of background fabric!)

I like the paper piecing part. That's easy! But I have created a few other DWR quilts using a simplified template. In my first book (Bold, Black & Beautiful Quilts, AQS 2004) I had one I called "Shotgun Wedding Ring." Yes, I did!
Shotgun  Wedding Ring by Susan Fisher. If you look close you can see the awesome quilting.
Green & Black, but now with batiks and lush florals
Four 12" blocks using the melon center cutaways as a design element
I will keep you posted on my progress with these 1930s paper pieced blocks. Now that I have a plan and actually have figured out how to add the corner squares, I think I can actually finish a table runner. But don't think that finishing is something I feel compelled to do! Maybe next time I should take pictures of the stacks of labeled boxes of my UFOs. There are several dozen (that was not a typo). Would you like to see them? Let me know.

Don't forget to visit on Thursday. It's my day for the Dare to Dresden Blog Hop. My project is very daring, not to be missed!

And I will be posting the last of those 31 blocks that I made 11 years ago so you can vote on them.


  1. I'd love to see the UFOs, maybe I won't feel so bad about my own then.

  2. It's pretty, but dumb me wants to know where I can get the pattern papers for piecing. Help??!!!

  3. Kathryn. Your email was a "no-reply" comment, so I have no way to answer your question. So, here it is for everyone: This is an adaptation of the DWR quilt found in the McCall's Vintage quilts pattern, FREE, here:

    Scroll down to find the DWR pattern and it is available as a pdf with pp pattern and templates. I modified it somewhat, but you can get the same results with McCall's pattern. Why should I reinvent the wheel?

  4. Very nice blocks the different versions

  5. Very pretty! I might be able to make a double wedding ring quilt this way. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wow! They are beautiful! I've never taken on a block with a curve...looks a little too scary for me. :O)

  7. Love those soft colors and the beginning of your ring. I've never made a DWR but I might attempt a quilt with just the four rings. We'll see. Yes, I'd love to see your boxes of UFOs, you will be in good company, hehe. I also have um several boxes. ;D

  8. Would love to see your box of ufos. Double wedding ring is on my bucket list for this year I think.

  9. Ally. You are a "no-reply" blogger, so I couldn't write to you directly. I have to correct you: you said "box of UFOs". We must use the plural of "box" - BOXES. And I mean boxes and zip lock bags and drawers. But they are organized. I think I've opened a can of worms!!
    And then there are the scores of finished tops and class samples that just need to be quilted. Yikes!

  10. Debbie, I had to laugh at your wedding rings because one of my UFO's are the leftover pieces from the quilt that hung behind the cake table at my wedding (15 years ago.) I was so sure I had my math right and ended up with 20 extra arcs! I, too, have UFO's in the dozens and my goal this year is finish two for each new project I start....we'll see if I can make it! Thanks for sharing, you reminded me to put those wedding rings on my to-do list!

  11. Beautiful.I never done this block!!

  12. My favorite this time is January 27: 5" Untitled Block. Hope I picked the winner. Patsy

  13. So pretty Debby! I am looking forward to seeing more of it.

  14. ohhhh this is pretty too…yep like them Debby..


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