A Gift for Connie

I blogged about the Addison Collection from Windham Fabrics a few months ago. I showed the fabrics,
Addison Collection from Windham Fabrics
the 60 degree diamonds I had Nancy G. cut for me,

Perfect diamonds cut using an Accu-Cut
and even sewed up a few ideas,
Baby Blocks unit

Tried my hand at a 6 pointed star with inset diamonds
 but quickly scrapped them because they involved endless y-seams!

I finally sewed the diamonds into vertical rows and cut off every other end to create a magnificent (and easy) table runner for my dear friend and faithful longarm quilter, Connie Gallant. What do you think?
Connie's table runner, a labor of love because I quilted it!
I wrapped it for Christmas mid-December, but only yesterday (January 11) could we meet so I could give it to her. The silly package kept whispering whenever I got close to it: "Let me out! Let me out! I can't breathe and Connie has to open me."
Happy table runner in Connie's home!
Connie loved it (well, she said she did). I knew she would because she loves these reproduction prints and colors. I am so happy to have something I made make it into her home. She has quilted so many quilts for me for publication and teaching. I couldn't get where I am without having my quilts quilted. Wait until you see the quilts she did for my next book (February 2013). You are the BEST, Connie!

New book coming in February. Quilt show coming next week on my blog!


  1. Really pretty and I'm sure she will cherish it because you made it with love.

  2. Each block is wonderful Debbie!! But I agree with you on the star block; just too may y's....lol...I like the runner though

  3. Lucky Connie.This was a lovely way to say thankyou.

  4. Very pretty runner no wonder she loved it.

  5. Such a beautiful runner.Sure she will delighted!!

  6. I love reading your blog Debby. You make everything look so easy. I WILL however, remember to run from Y-seams if you do as well. LOL Well, at least anything with multiple Y-seams involved.

    I love the table runner. Have you done, or would you consider, a quick tutorial how you made that? Or is there a pattern somewhere possibly? Thank you. I know to those who are long time quilters it's probably easy but in looking at it closely, I'm not quite sure what you meant by 'cut off every other end....". Maybe if I just cut the fabrics and attempted it then it might make more sense, but right now it's not.

  7. Beautiful runner! Love those colors. Congratulations on your new book! Those are some great points, hehe.


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