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Isn't that a fun title: Free patterns! Well, I was thinking about this because I want to share a few short stories about people and quilts and how they work together so wonderfully.

My friend Janet died of ovarian cancer about 15 years ago and left a loving husband and 3 children under 7 years old. Blank Quilting asked me to design a quilt featuring their Inspiration 3 Collection a few years ago and I made this quilt with Janet in mind. The Inspiration Collections (there are 4) share some of their proceeds with ovarian cancer research.

Memories of Janet: 48" x 48"
The pattern is FREE on my Craftsy page (link above; or link on sidebar).

Why did I think of this? I am on the Martingale blog email list and they shared about the passing of one of their beloved staff, Robin Strobel. Robin was a book author (among other things) and for this weekend, Martingale is making available BOTH of Robin's books as eBooks FREE. They are lovely books filled with creativity and beautiful quilts. Martingale believes that this is what Robin would have wanted and I share that news with you.

Vivid Imaginings by Robin Strobel
Truly Tipsy Nine Patch by Robin Strobel
I was so inspired by this quilt that I pulled out my rulers and am making some of these blocks. I had a quilt in my first book (2004) using this block and have used it several times since. Stay tuned for a next week reveal of this using some kitchey fabrics by Windham. I'm not saying anymore . . .

Last story: some of you may remember my posting 2 weeks ago about a Benefit Quilt Sale to help Raquel's family from Spain. She was in a horrible car crash in Connecticut, almost lost her legs and is still in bad shape. I have sold a few quilts to help defray the cost of hotels, airfare, etc for the several weeks her parents are here (they speak no English and are living on a small pension). The good news is that I have raised $725 (of course, my neighbor bought a $400 quilt last night which really bumped up my total). That money will go to my son in law who will transfer it to Euros and then into Raquel's parents' bank account. I am so pleased that my quilts are making good use of themselves instead of acting like prima donas in the closet, harumphing and whining and preening!

So, go get the free Memories of Janet pattern and then head on over to the Martingale site to download TWO free eBooks!


  1. What a touching post. To loose friends early is very hard. Nice to hear that your Benefit sale has done so well. Still early Friday evening here in Scotland , thanks for the freebies.

  2. Thank you! So sad that the kids lost their mother so young. I hope life has been good to them since her passing. The quilt in her memory is a wonderful tribute. I am on Martingales e-mail list and loved reading what they had to say about Robin. I thought the free ebooks in honor of her generous spirit were a wonderful tribute as well. And that Tipsy nine patch caught my eye too.

  3. This was a most heart felt post, also the story of Janet. Thank you for this information.

  4. Your Memories of Janet quilt is beautiful! I lost a friend to ovarian cancer a few years ago, so your story and quilt were very touching to me. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Your Memories Quilt makes me think of My Mom who also died of Ovarian Cancer about 30 years ago at 54.Thanks for sharing.

  6. What a sad story and beautiful inspireing quilt. I would love to make this fo rmy neice Laura who was diagnosed at age 22 with Ovarian Cancer stage 3. Who after many many struggles and manny surgeries and hospitalizations, chemo and many rounds of experimental drugs is still alive today. She has survived for 4 years now. Thank God that she is here with us every day. She is the 3rd young lady in her age group that lives in our town that has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I would love to make this Quilt for Laura.

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  8. Your generosity is wonderful and I know you will be blessed for it. I am sorry for the sadness of these families and will keep them in my prayers. You are a special person Debby like Dorcas in the bible. Bleessings to you.

  9. Thank you so much for the link to your pattern, as well as the link to Martingale Press. You have been very generous with your pattern sharing, and I appreciate it. Now if the price of cotton would drop back a little, I'd be able to make more quilts that aren't scrappy! =)

    dezertsuz at gmail

  10. What a beautiful quilt pattern, Debby! Thanks so much.


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