I'm Bullish on Solids

Toro de Osborne - Olé
The Osborne bull (in Spanish: Toro de Osborne) is a ... bull in semi-profile, and is regarded as the unofficial national symbol of Spain.

Yes, I love solids and I love my son in law Dani from Spain. I drew his name for the Secret Santa gift exchange in our family this year and besides buying him another Amazon gift card, I really couldn't think of anything unique or interesting. Then I saw a Facebook photo of him cooking his famous (and yummy) paella for friends and he was wearing his red apron with the black Spanish bull on the front and - EUREKA! I realized he needed matching hot pads and even a table mat for his steaming paella pan (table mat is in above pic).

Can you say "unique?" Interesting? I downloaded a jpg image of Osborne, resized it, printed it and created a template. I even had the traditional red and yellow solids.

Two hot pads
 I couldn't wait to give these to him Christmas morning. I kept smiling to myself because I knew he would be smiling - BIG - when he opened them. And he did! Have you ever had so much fun giving a gift that you could hardly wait for the recipient to open it? That was me on Christmas!

I did sacrifice one thing in the process - a sewing machine needle when I inadvertently sewed through my finger when I was free motion quilting. Not a pretty site, but hey - the fabric is red and you can't see the stain!
Don't forget that the Kona Solids Blog Hop begins on Tuesday, January 7. I am bringing out all sorts of quilts made with solids from my Solids Vault. Please stop back by to see each day's bloggers. This is all hosted by our dear Madame Samm at the Sew We Quilt blog and Carol is our cheerleader at the Just Let Me Quilt blog.



  1. OUch. I was enjoying your story until I read about your finger. I always fear that happening. Love the hot pads. Hope you are healed and feeling better.

  2. Oh sweetie - ouch! Love the gift and the story.

  3. These are fabulous...not sew much the finger part...ouch (insert wincing face!). Looking forward to seeing the solids from your vault!

  4. I am sure he as delighted with this, sorry about the finger though, hope it heals soon

  5. THESE ARE SO COOL! wonderful idea!

  6. That was a great gift! Attagirl ! Now a Longhorn silhouette/profile is swimming around in my head. I cringed when I read about your finger....Titus howled when I told him......

  7. Ouch! I hope your finger is healing up nicely. Love the colors. :)

  8. Bello. Me gustó. Dice España por todos lados.

  9. Ow! What a unique and wonderful present. The kind that gives part of you with it.

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