Tessellating Stars - Free Pattern

Four Block Tessellating Stars
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I have made several versions of this awesome and intriguing design. Tessellating means interlocking; the edge of one block forms the edge of the other block. You can see 4 red stars and a gold one in the center.

This quilt had to be created one block at a time using a design wall. I had to make sure that I placed each of the 4 quarters of the block in the right place. Very tricky, but I loved working with so many different fabrics. I gave this away some time ago (can't even remember to whom, if you really must know!)
My first Tessellating Stars quilt - all scrappy
 This Autumn Tessellating Stars quilt was so much fun because I limited myself to just two fabrics for the center: a floral print and black. Sometimes you see a black star and sometimes you see the floral star. Don't you love the way they interlock? This was in my first book, "Bold, Black and Beautiful Quilts", AQS 2004. I own all rights and just feel like making it a free pattern. What do you think about that?

You can see all 16 of my quilts in that book here: Bold, Black and Beautiful Quilts

Autumn Tessellating Stars: 58" x 58". Block Size: 12"
I hope you enjoy this quilt pattern. I think I'm feeling the urge to make another one (well, maybe not today, but soon).


  1. love the tessaellations, they look so complicated but have a great effect

  2. Love this pattern!! Thank you for making it free :)

  3. Thanks for the free pattern. I really like the multi-colored tessellating stars.

  4. That's always one of my favorite patterns. I really, REALLY like the last one with the print outside and the black inside. Great flip! Thank you for the free pattern.

  5. This quilt looks quite challenging. I love a challenge. How do I get the pattern?


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