Solids Vault - Day 6

Housetop Denim Quilt - Gee's Bend adaptation
This 70" x 84" quilt is an adaptation of the quilt made by Rita Mae Pettway from Gee's Bend, Alabama. As I've shared on previous posts, Windham Fabrics and the Gee's Bend quilters entered a partnership to adapt 8 of their quilts for today's quilters for quilt kits and individual patterns. I was asked to do the design work (and I sewed all 8 of the quilts, some more than once).

What does Rita Mae's original quilt look like and how close did I come to standardizing an improvisational quilt?

Housetop Denim quilt by Rita Mae Pettway
We brightened up the colors and kept that red fabric at the top. Cool, huh?

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January 14


  1. Excellent quilt! I saw the exhibit at DeYoung in SF, and there were some quilts that really appealed to me. The use of what they had to make the quilts was very inspiring. House Top and ceiling quilts were very interesting to me. Thanks for this great reminder.


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