Designer Pillows from Buzzing and Bumbling

Pillows made by Linda Winters of Buzzing and Bumbling
Do you know Linda Winters? I do! Well, we've never actually met but I've admired her work and amazing creativity in the blogosphere for a few years. She lives in Texas (where my husband yearns to live) and has a special affinity for orange! Even the background of her blog pages is orange!

A few months ago I sent her some fabric from the Palm Springs Collection by Benartex and asked her to do something creative with it. I said I would do the same. She did; I didn't! But then I realized I could still show off her beautiful designer pillows here on my blog. Want to see them up close? Of course you do!

Happy Hexie Pillow with center button
Look at this fabulous hexagon pillow. She incorporated gray into the mix and cut and stitched the fabrics in such a wonderful pinwheel. I just love, love, love those dots!

Improvisational piecing using gray as her neutral
Isn't this a fabulous use of color? And can you see the quilting on the left side of the pillow? Go ahead and click on the pic to see it close up. And she used straight line quilting around it and on the right side. Do you think she couldn't make up her mind or is she really just as creative as I think she is? I can only dream of being this creative when I quilt a project. This is so modern looking!

Let's see the two pillows again, please?
Don't you just love those flowers - perfect!
 Take a visit to Linda's page to see what she's been up to lately. She is renovating her home and making it so Texan! This is a chair she just finished with this amazing upholstery. I don't dare show it to my Texan husband or he's going to ask for one for his birthday next month!

Linda's new cow print chair
In my part of the world, we think of this as Chik-fil-A. In Texas, it's a steer and mighty fancy, I have to say.

Now, did I actually make something using my Palm Springs Collection? Well, sort of . . .

Grandmother's Flower Garden block with Palm Springs fabrics
I made five of these blocks and am now auditioning my border fabrics. I'll share those sometime in the future. Linda was faster than me, I guess!

Thanks, Linda, for sharing those beautiful pictures. Don't forget to visit her blog, Buzzing and Bumbling.


  1. Linda has so much creativity and always blows me away with inspiration. Those pillows are sweet, but that chair is over the top.

  2. as you say two very nice modern cushions,

  3. Who needs home decor magazines...just visit Linda's blog to fulfill all your inspirational needs! At least until she starts charging a subscription fee LOL

  4. what a fabulous you both are...simply admire you both

  5. Oh, my stars! You are so sweet! I had so much fun working with those fabrics. They sewed up like a dream!
    I still have more surprises in store with the chair, by the way! My new fabric should arrive any day now.
    I love your take on the Bernatex fabrics. It's going to be beautiful!

  6. By the way, the chair is not cow. The fabric is labeled Pinto Pony! I have been fending off comments by my three sons who are saying things like "Your chair looks Moo-velous, Mom!","I hope they didn't MILK you too much on the price!" and "It was certainly daring - it could have been a cow-tastrophe!" Those guys!

  7. Linda is such an amazing person and seamstress and home designer and... These pillow are tres chic! Looks like lots of fun fabrics. Creative Fabric Bliss...

  8. I love Linda's work! These pillows don't disappoint!


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