Playing with Thread and Fabric

Ring of Hexies
 I've been very busy getting ready for the Quilting Live! Show in Atlanta September 11-14. I will be teaching 4 classes, one of which is free motion quilting. I played around with a sample that I started last year. I drew this Grandmother's Flower Garden using an orange Crayola marker (washable, of course). It sat for a year on the fabric! I quilted using the lines to tell me where to start and stop.

Then I prayed a little prayer, submerged it in the bathroom sink in cold water and LOOK! No orange marker!

Here is another view. This second picture is turned so that there are two hexagons at the top (notice the "v"). A very different look, huh?

Same image, just turned
I have been very inspired by Geta Grama in Romania who does gorgeous work with hexies and free motion quilting. She said that her sewing machine has a 10-1/4" opening. Mine is small, just like most domestics, with about a 7" opening.

Hope you enjoyed seeing my little sample. Come back on Tuesday for my special announcement about my Star Spangled Banner week long Celebration. I have 7 days worth of fabric giveaways, books, free patterns, lots of quilts to inspire you and a special guest who loves both quilts and American history!


  1. wow. lovely
    I also have been inspired by Greta's blog but I've been too timid to actually give it a try.

    I am a novice at FMQ, but maybe I could try a small project like a pot holder or a placemat.

  2. I am in awe of your quilting skills.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. That looks amazing! I wish I could hop a plane to Atlanta to have you show me how to FMQ! Geta definitely does incredible work, just like you.

  4. Your quilting is gorgeous. I saw that you were going to be in Atlanta and was so tempted to sign up, but money is an issue right now, so I controlled myself. I, too, love Geta's work. This is a wonderful quilted example and yay for no orange!

  5. Hi! Gorgeous work as always, but above and beyond with the whole cloth..I drooled! You've been busy learning new techniques! I love 4th of July! This year I stayed decorated for the whole month. I leave for RI and will have no internet access except through a little library. I hope to be able to follow along, if not some guild members that I fwd your email to can fill me in.
    PS We had different tall ships on the Patuxent River, and very impressive.


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