Redwork Butterfly and Wreath

Can you say "OLD"?!!!
I love digging through my old files to see what I was up to, say 10 or maybe 15 years ago. Yikes! I made this quilt (long ago gifted to someone) using my Pfaff embroidery machine with digitized patterns for the Butterfly and Wreath. I used the timeless red and white for a simple 9 block quilt. Borders and binding and - you guessed it - DONE!

Would you like the pattern for the little quilt (24" x 24") with 6" blocks? Of course you do! If you like redwork embroidery, this is for you. I don't have the Pfaff patterns, but I created my own for you to copy here.

Butterfly Redwork Pattern

Ignore the OLD links to my extinct website. This was many years ago. You know where I live today - right here or at my web site: Quilter By Design


  1. I do love redwork and have been looking for butterflies to quilt onto a quilt I am making, hopefully these will fit thankyou

  2. Thanks, Debby! That is a cute little thing, and shouldn't take too long to work up. I might even use just one butterfly for something for a friend for Christmas.

  3. What a beautiful little project. I love the look of redwork!


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