Princess and the Pea - Free Pattern

Princess and the Pea Improv quilt
Windham Fabrics had a fantastic quilt hanging in their booth at Spring Quilt Market. It uses the new Far, Far Away collection by the very creative Heather Ross. It was sewn by Anne Sullivan and I was asked to pattern it. Can you say "pull my hair out!" Pattern + improvisational piecing are oxymorons (go look up the word).

Nell Timmer and I worked really hard to get this pattern workable for the end user. But it still is an improv quilt. Here are my own set of fat quarters (no, this is not a fabric giveaway. My daughter Audrey has claimed these for a quilt for baby Eva.)

Far, Far Away Collection by Heather Ross
The pattern is FREE and you can get it at the Windham Fabrics website:
Princess and the Pea pattern

Hope you enjoy it. All templates are full size for making the ladder, princess, bed posts, etc.


  1. Adorable quilt and great pattern, Debby ... :) Pat

  2. Wow, same friend has an almost 3 year old daughter THIS would be perfect for! Double thanks today.

  3. Cute, cute pattern! Those fabrics are adorable...sure it isn't a giveaway? LOL


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