Sunbonnet Sue Wishes for Spring

Sigh. Big sigh. Snow, ice and rain keep reminding me that Spring is NOT here yet. March is here and my Galaxy of Stars block was revealed yesterday. But, I remembered that March comes in like a roaring lion, and I'm tired of hearing it if you want to know the truth!

Let's talk about Sunbonnet Sue. She looks like she has discovered spring in this bed sized quilt below. Can you see all those flowers? I've added a new pattern at my Craftsy site of a Sunbonnet Sue bed sized quilt (104" x 114", with 14" blocks). This is NOT a quick quilt to make, but it's fun. I made it quite a few years ago and I no longer own it. What do you think?

Sunbonnet Sue bed sized quilt
Sunbonnet Sue and her flower
The pattern is a 7 page pdf with full size traceable templates. Notice that the side blocks are turned so Sue can always remain upright. It sells for $5.00.

Now let me show you a few other Sunbonnet Sue creations I've made. I made the block smaller and got creative with the borders. This is also at my Craftsy site ($1.99).

Sunbonnet Sue quilt with a 10" block
I had a little appliqued block from years ago and I added ruffles to it for a mini quilt. I had this in a blog hop last year (Ruffles and Stuff).
Sue with some ruffles
Tiny 3-1/2" block with ruffles added before adding the stuffing
If you click on that link you can see how I put this together (and get a peek at my little granddaughter and the ruffled skirt I made for her).

And last is one small quilt I made using my Pfaff embroidery machine and a Sunbonnet Sue pattern. This is one of my favorites, even though it used a bazillion yards of thread!

Sunbonnet in 1930s reproduction fabrics and authentic feedsack for the border
In searching my computer, I just discovered I have several other patterns for Sunbonnet Sue! I might bring them out and scatter them around to scare off Old Man Winter. Do you think it will work?

Hope you enjoyed seeing a little bit of happy color and thoughts of Spring.


  1. I just love your Sunbonnet quilt block, especially the arrangement you've done with the borders. Congratulations for your very very good work. It's fun to see all you have created through years. Keep up the good work.

  2. Sunbonnet Sue is a fun classic block to work up to chase away the winter blues.

  3. Sunbonnet Sue is the perfect spring quilt with all of the blooming flowers.

  4. Again, Thank you for your great blog and sharing your ideas. You are a favoritešŸ˜Š
    Wishin you Sunbonnet Sue weather.

  5. I've made a number of Sun Bonnet Sue quilts. They are so fun to make. Live yours.

  6. Do you have a coordinating Overall Sam pattern? I can't seem to find a Sue and Sam coordinating pattern set that thrills me. This Sue is adorable and not overly ornate. My brother has twin grandchildren - a girl and a boy and I thought that would make great quilts for the children. Maybe big sis would need one, also.

  7. The Sunbonnet Sue quilt is absolutely beautiful. This is one of my favorite patterns and I love making this quilt.I would love to see more of your sweet quilts. Thanks for sharing.

  8. The sunbonnet girls are always favorites of mine, and I loved seeing yours, too. I can believe how long Miss Spring is taking to show up this year!

  9. I don't care what folks say, Sunbonnet Sue is one of my all-time favorites. I especially like your 3" version. I have a vintage quilt with Sunbonnet Sue appliqued to a screaming yellow background. That color is also the backing. The heads of the girls are together as they go down the middle of the quilt. That way, no matter which side of the bed you're standing on she'll still be right side up, except when you're at the foot of the bed. I love that quilt!


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