Hawaiian Applique

I have featured my Friendship Plume block here before and decided to add the entire pattern for the flanged pillow and also another Fleur de Lis pillow pattern as a bundle. I think I showed these two smaller blocks before.

Fleur de Lis applique pillows
 These pillows were sewn at the same time I made my Colorburst Squares quilt:

Colorburst Squares quilt, pillows and pillow cases
And I made one for my sister out of quilter's cottons:

14" Fleur de Lis block for an 18" pillow
 And a close up of the batik pillow:

And the Friendship Plume flanged pillow:
Friendship Plume, 16" block
 And here is my full size freezer paper template:

I have fusible interfacing (NOT webbing) on the wrong side of the fabric
I now offer the pillow patterns (Fleur de Lis and Friendship Plume) at my Craftsy site. Detailed, well illustrated instructions for making both flanged pillows and full size (quarter) templates.

I have 2 more blocks appliqued of the Friendship Plume and two more blocks to cut out. Maybe I'll make a large quilt - someday!


  1. these are all lovely and the quilt on the bed too is a real beauty

  2. I really like these colors. I don't think I've ever made a flanged pillow, so I will probably buy these next month. I can remember making designs very much like the Fleur de lis by hand during my Baltimore Album phase. =) Now I like the idea of doing it by machine! Especially the one with all the points in the center. It looks just as lovely and is faster. I might not have enough time left to hand do an entire quilt. LOL


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