Mom, Can You Make This for Eva?

Do your children think you can sew anything? Or everything? Or only quilts? Just because I can sew it, doesn't mean I want to (did I really say that?)

But this looked easy enough. And she gave me the link to the pattern for the patches. But she wanted oilcloth (which I don't have). Why? Eva is only 18 months old and makes a mess when she eats (and did I really say THAT?)

Let's start at the beginning. And yes, there is a link for you to get the pattern, too. Yes. Sometimes Debby sews other people's patterns, but not much!

Free pattern link for the Montessori style placemat. This will finish to 9" x 11".

First, I traced the simple patches onto freezer paper. Then I fused paper backed webbing to the wrong side of my fabrics. If you use freezer paper and iron it to the RIGHT side of the fabric, you don't have to trace a mirror image to draw it onto the wrong side. Seems like a lot of extra dumb work to do it the mirror image way (did I actually say "dumb"?)

Freezer paper applique templates ironed to RIGHT side of fabric
I placed the pattern under the background rectangle for proper placement:

Then I cut them out and fused them to a 9-1/2" x 11-1/2" light pink rectangle (placemat base):

Fused patches ready for stitching
Then I used a matching bright pink thread and used a simple zigzag machine stitch:
Quick stitching
 Then I layered the placemat, batting and backing and stitched around each shape:

Simple outline stitching around each shape
Trimmed and added binding. Done! (But she still wants oilcloth)

Now Eva knows where to place her eating utensils!
I think I would enjoy making a few more of these.

Free pattern link for the Montessori style placemat.


  1. Soooo cute and very clever. She will know where her utensils belong too.

  2. Debby, shouldn't the knife edge be facing the plate? It sure is an awesome looking placemat though...

  3. The knife edge in America faces out. Or at least that's what I've known for decades. Is it different in other countries?

  4. So cute! I think my grandsons would love these. I always face the knife edge out. If I'm not doing it right, I'm not changing my old ways! LOL

  5. this is very cute, especially for a youngster. LOL my two kiddos when they were young was always saying that same thing, and volunteering me for things. They would volunteer me and then come home from school or church and tell me. LOL Needless to say it stretched many of my abilities and wow did I learn patience in those times.

  6. Sweet pattern and fabrics, Debby! Eva is one lucky little girl!! As to the knife: I was taught to face the cutting edge out. One of my aunts insisted on cutting edge to the plate "so no one gets cut" when picking up the spoon -- never mind that we picked up the spoon by the handle not the bowl! Always a pleasure to read your posts. (janeherbst at roadrunner dot com).

  7. What a great idea, think I will make some for the Grandbabies for Christmas. Such lovely colours you have used.

  8. That's cute! I love the way it looks. If she had several, she could just rotate them through the laundry, even if they aren't oilcloth. Thanks for the link.


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