If It's Summer I'm Sewing Hexies

I often revisit my hexagon papers for English Paper Piecing. I love what you can do with them: blocks, place mats, table runners, quilts. I've made all sorts of things as a result of a year's worth of teaching classes with the Sewing Expo. I am finishing up not one but TWO quilts using sets of little Grandmother's Flower Garden blocks I made during that time. Allow me to show you:

First a block or two:
Simple Grandmother's Flower Garden using 2" hexagons and a little flower in the center
 Adding an extra row of hexagons:
Double GFG leftover from another quilt
Double GFG (a flower made with 1" hexies layered over a flower made with 1-1/2" hexies)
I had several leftover blocks from a quilt which appeared in my first book (AQS 2004)
The larger quilt appeared in a Fons and Porter magazine a few years ago. I called it Grandma's Garden Party:
Combined a lot of brights, dots and stripes to make something to keep anyone awake!
1" Hexagons using fabric samples from Blank Quilting
Here are the sets of blocks I've converted to two quilts (pictures later)
 And another set of fabric samples:

1" Hexagons from fabric samples from Timeless Treasures

And here's a quilt I call "Spring Bloomers" which was rejected by two magazine editors because of the direction of the stripes in the four corners. The third editor loved it and put it on the cover!

Spring Bloomers pattern now on Craftsy

Block Size: 10"
Quilt Size: 42" x 56"

Spring Bloomers


  1. Thank you so much Debby for offering your cute, cute pattern for free. You are so kind to do this. I just love this pretty quilt. I hope to work on it this Winter to brighten up a bare wall that needs this very quilt!

  2. such variety show how EPP can be taken so much further, thanks for sharing and inspiring us

  3. Hi Debby. I was looking through some of my old magazines for some new inspiration when I came across several of your quilts as well as some articles that you had written. I was surprised when I saw your name because you were someone I knew. Then I remembered you saying that you once worked for a magazine. This was Quilt 97 and 98.One of your quilts that I loved was a Dresden Plate Basket. Dresdens are my favorite so this is one that I would like to make. But what I am writing about is an article that you wrote. It was about how to add prarie points to your quilt. I think these are so pretty, especially on a baby quilt, but I was afraid to add them because I didn't know how to put them on so that they would look even all the way around. You gave a formula that is so helpful so I thought others might be interested in this also. I am sure I can't be the only one that is afraid to try them. Maybe you could do a tutorial or a blog post. I really enjoy visiting you. Thanks for all you do.

  4. Love the hexies...and having something different in the corners should have alerted those editors that they had something "thinking outside the box" viewpoint...so they must only look at quilts in their own little boxes...I would love to have a quilt just like it...so off to stash to find some flower stripe fabric........

  5. Another day, another several inspirations from hexies! ... and with some of my favorite fabrics (actually that's not really redundant, I do love some more than others!). Thanks for another idea! (janeherbst at roadrunner dot com).

  6. What a lot of wonderful hexagon projects. I really like the one where you put a flower on the center. That's such a sweet addition! I look forward to seeing what those other flowers turn into.


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