Revisiting My Princess Feather Quilts

Almost 10 years ago Windham Fabrics asked me to design something with their Regency Dandy Collection by Gerald Roy. The fabrics were reproduction prints from c.1810 and the craze of men dressing "to the nines" and looking dapper and dandy and quite colorful.

I took a cue from this time frame and decided I wanted to focus on a quilt block from near that time (though a few decades off, btw). I chose the Princess Feather, which was first called Prince's Feather.

Here is that quilt I made. And the quilting was done by Leslee Evans. She is an artist with a longarm machine (and in her former life was an architect).
Princess Feather #1
Windham owns it. I missed it. So I made Princess Feather #2.

Princess Feather #2
My neighbor saw it in my house and begged to buy it. I never say no to money (at the right price)

I made it again for my second book:
Princess Feather #3
And I made it into a table runner, which I call Dancing Feathers:

Princess Feather #4
Every so often I pull out my teaching folder and look at all the extra plumes I've cut out and waiting for another quilt. Can I show you just some of them?

Princess Feather Plumes
I'm working on another design with Windham Fabrics with this pattern. I'm also thinking about making another of those table runners. Don't you just love this awesome shape? And, yes, this was all done with machine applique! Is there any other way to do it?


  1. Very pretty design and I love the new colors. I love to needle turn simpler shapes - maintain that heritage art of handwork. But when there are lots of curves and points - it's machine.

  2. It is a great shape with so much potential. The cluster of them make an amazing flower!

  3. Love these, the blue, tans, are so beautiful together...Must make a wreath just how you laid the plumes out....wonderful quilts....

  4. I'm in awe of the work you did just to get that last photograph! These are all lovely, and the dancing feather table runner has a possible future in my home, if the pattern is available. You are a well-spring of inspiration! Thanks for sharing these, because I've never seen one that wasn't all one color and this is SO much more fun! I love that you do machine applique, too.


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