Stars From My Bloggers

I came across this quilt made many years ago and gifted to a young couple for their wedding. This uses one of the blocks I've already given you. But look how you can create a different look by adding the Four and Nine Patch Block. Isn't that fun?

Phil and Kat's Stars
I have had several bloggers send me pics of their stars so far. Can I show them to you?

First, here are Amy's blocks. I love that center star. It's one of my favorite blocks!

Amy's Blocks
Amy sent another pic of her blocks arranged in a different assembly:

Amy's Blocks all together
Now for Marie T's blocks. She is using purple in her center star.

Marie T's blocks
Now, how about Maureen's blocks with the white background? I love it!

Maureen's Blocks
It's ok to be behind. This is NOT a contest or a race. Just sew at your own pace. Maybe you can catch up in the next month or two - or never! I just want you to have fun.

My November block will be up on Sunday, November 1. For now, happy stitching!

If you'd like to send me a pic of what you have so far, I'd love to see your blocks. I'll put them up for all to see if you allow me! If I've overlooked you because you did send me a photo, just write and tell me and I'll post them with my November block!


  1. I love doing this BOM. this is my first year trying it. It will be a Christmas Gift. Can't wait for the 2016 one.

  2. Beautiful stars! It reminds us what wonderful results we see when a good design meets good fabric and a creative soul. I love that white background! I have a few neutrals vying for the background job. Looking forward to seeing more postings. (janeherbst at roadrunner dot com).

  3. I always love seeing what other people do with the same blocks. These are great, and I do love your quilt with the 4-9 Patch alternating blocks. That's a great setting block.

  4. I love seeing what the everyone is doing with their blocks.. The blocks displayed here are sensational and I hope mine turn out as good.


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