Rediscovering my Kaffe Fassett Fabrics - and FREE Pattern

When I was a contributing editor for Quilt Magazine, we featured Kaffe Fassett and his Field Notes as an article in every issue. (Click that link to read all 16 of these awesome articles.) We invited him to talk about his work, his inspiration and his fabrics. I sewed with a LOT of those fabrics and had them published as quickly as I made them.

At least 11 of those quilts made it into my book, Supersize 'Em Quilts and I even gave a signed copy to Kaffe at Spring Market in 2009. I have recently discovered a Facebook page devoted to Kaffe and his fabrics (along with Brandon Mabley and Phillip Jacobs).

And I've begun cutting up my very large stash of his fabrics into 2-1/2" strips. Why buy a jelly roll bundle when you can create your own? So far, I've cut 27 strips with another 2 dozen to come (which includes the stripes and plaids). Note: I didn't buy this fabric or I would be in the poor house! It was part of working for a quilt magazine.

17 strips, cut one at a time from my stash
 The following strips were cut from the Lille Collection. These are "older" from almost 10 years ago. But they are still awesome, aren't they?

10 strips from the Lille Collection designed by Kaffe Fassett
Now, what can you do with 2-1/2" strips? Are you kidding? So many ideas, so little time!

Remember this Logs and Mortar pattern I shared a few months ago? Free!
Logs and Mortar uses 2-1/2" strips

Now for one of the quilts I designed for use with Kaffe Fasset strips. This was one of the two dozen quilts I created for the KF Club for a quilt shop in Atlanta. I call this Simply Strips. The only picture I have is the unquilted top. Not sure where the quilt went, but it's not in my closets!

Simply Strips Quilt. 10" blocks. 60" x 60" center


  1. love Kaffe`s fabrics but they are way out of my financial means it does not stiop me admiring them though. Saw his exhibition done with the quilters guild UK last year wonderful will but the book sometime too

  2. I love your pattern, but I don't have any KF fabrics because, bad me, I DON'T like them. His plaids/stripes were okay, but his other stuff doesn't appeal to me at all. I did quilt a few for clients, back in the day. I think someone had a Flags class! =) However, your pattern would lend itself to any fabrics and I already have a box of 2.5" strips! It's now on the list for the fall. Thanks!

  3. Thank you Debby for again sending out a Free Pattern that helps me bring done my stash...No KF Fabrics, but lots of different colors, prints and looks like a really go to pattern..........

  4. I've always loved Kaffe Fassett's fabrics but will never be able to afford them.

  5. I think I have 2 bins of KF fabric. Much of it almost too pretty to cut. But this pattern is a way to use a little at a time. Thank you for the creative spirit and the free pattern.

  6. Wish the pattern was still available!


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