Quilter's Block a Day Calendar, Week 6

I'm back! And I bring to you seven more blocks from my Block a Day Calendar as sewn by Patricia B. of Australia. We are in February this week. And I am offering a FREE quilt pattern based on the February 10 block Home Circle.

February 5: Fun and Games
February 5: Fun and Games, 9"
Can I divert here and show you a quilt I made using an antique game board as my inspiration? Of course I can. This is my blog! Hey. Maybe I should make this a pattern. What do you think?

Parcheesi Game Board Quilt
February 6: Solomon's Temple. Will you look at all those triangles! Yikes.

February 6: Solomon's Temple, 10"
 February 7: Dove in the Window

 February 7: Dove in the Window, 14"
 February 8: Federal Square
 February 8: Federal Square, 10"
February 9: Cupid's Arrow Point

February 9: Cupid's Arrow Point, 12"
 February 10: Home Circle

Here's my digital version and a link to the FREE Home Circle quilt pattern:

Home Circle Quilt: 76" x 76"
And here's my own 15" block sewn with Kaffe Fassett orange blooms:

15" Home Circle Block

February 10: Home Circle
 February 10: Home Circle, 15"
 February 11: Cupid's Arrow
 February 11: Cupid's Arrow, 12"
Last week I gave the link for the 366 blocks in SIZE order. Here it is in case you missed it: Quilter's Block a Day Calendar Size List

Hope you enjoyed this week's blocks. And a big SHOUT OUT of thanks to Patricia for so many beautiful blocks.


  1. Thanks for sharing her pics. I especially like that last one with the strings in it! Your pattern is great, thank you, and I think you SHOULD make a pattern of the Parcheesi board.


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