Windham Wednesdays and FREE pattern!

Today I want to feature a new collection called Type Band - colors I would not typically work with because they are more earthy than jewel toned. But they are so perfect for a masculine quilt. And I have a young man in mind who is a talented musician.

First, the fabrics in Type Band by Windham.

Type Band by Whistler Studios for Windham Fabrics
Here is what is said about this at the Windham site:

A new collection from Whistler Studios, Type Band echoes the most beloved musical genres of blues, jazz and classic rock and roll. Trombones, guitars, saxophones and playful music notes are accompanied by stripes and a soft word print. Printed in neutral brown and cream, Type Band is a versatile collection and is sure to be a hit with any music lover. 12 skus. 

I designed a pattern for another musical collection last year (Three Quarter Time). I decided to use the star and piano blocks from THAT pattern for Type Band. Let's see the pattern (FREE, of course):

Musical Stars Pattern
Now, let's see what I did, OK? Here's the piano template, and I used a black blender from Windham's basics line. This will be appliqued to a 12-1/2" background square (just like in the pattern above).
Freezer paper template for piano
What's with the squiggles on the bottom there? Well, think about it! I have to cut on all those vertical lines. The squiggles are the piano keys (and not spaces); this was to make sure I didn't slice off one of those keys!

Then what? I had to stitch the lines next to the keys so that you would know it was a keyboard! The black fabric is interfaced with fusible interfacing (NOT fusible webbing). Drew black lines for the keyboard:

I drew black lines for my satin stitches
This is what it looks like from the back.
Paper to stabilize my satin stitching (so it wouldn't "tunnel" or bunch up)
I sewed four stars and one piano. This is one of my favorite settings. Five blocks? No problem! Add 6-1/2" x 12-1/2" rectangles on either side of the piano. Now my setting is really a 2 x 3 assembly (with one of the center "blocks" divided!)

I'm not sure how I will finish it. Maybe just with binding (as you can see it auditioned in the picture below). Since all I was sent were fat quarters, I won't use any one fabric for borders (if I use them).
The stripe is printed on the diagonal. How cool is that?!
For the FREE Musical Stars pattern, click the link. And don't forget to check out Type Band, too. There's another FREE pattern there!
Free pattern using Type Band fabrics


  1. That looks great. Your pattern works perfectly with the fabrics.

  2. That is a fabulous idea for a pianist.

  3. Debby, I have been noodling around with these fabrics myself. A friend ask me to make a baby quilt for parents who are members of an orchestra and very involved in Broadway productions. I love these choices for the orchestra part, but somehow have to work on the marriage with some fabrics representing Broadway. This gives me more food for thought - thank you!

  4. Hello Debby! Thank you for sharing this wonderful pattern and the fabric collection. My Husbands Daughters and one of their boyfriends are really into music. The boyfriend even recorded his own album. Your quilt will make a fabulous quilt for them. Have a great day!


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