Week Three: Everyone's a Star Quilt Along

It's my week for the block reveal and I thought I'd share how these fabrics are described at the Benartex web site:

"Red, black, and cream make a bold statement in this beautiful Asian inspired collection! From the large circle prints to the flowing “Oshi Stems”, Moon Flower is a design masterpiece, destined to make quilts to be treasured for years to come."

Let's see the fabrics again, OK?

Moon Flower by Kanvas Studios for Benartex Fabrics
 And another view:
Aren't these yummy?
It was so difficult to choose just 4 fabrics for my block, but somehow I did!
Four fabrics for my block
Take a visit to the blog size for the Everyone's a Star Quilt Along to see how I cut and pieced my block. There is a cutting chart, too. Remember, you have a chance to win some fat quarter bundles, too!

Moon Flower Block, Week 3 Quilt Along


  1. Debby, Benartex shared this before you so I left a comment there too. I just love these colors together. I also love how this may be a star or not - you need to look at it closely. I think all the completed blocks will be stunning and cannot wait to see them. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi, Roseanne. Yes, I see your point. May not be a star. I've been so immersed in sewing all of these (a total of 12 blocks). We share the construction on Thursday, so stay tuned.

  2. Hello Debby! I continue to fall more in love with these fabrics every time I see them. This is definitely a bundle of fabrics I am going to save all my pennies for! Thank you for sharing these fabrics and your lovely block with us.

    I also wanted to tell you about something I ran across last night. I have a ton of quilt magazines and usually browse a few of them every evening. In the Winter 2001 issue of QUILT I was reading an article titled A Labor of Love Using Fabrics With My Whole Heart by Debby Kratovil!

    It really tickled my fancy and made me giggle, just knowing that you are the one that wrote one of my favorite articles out of every magazine I have. Truly, I am not joking, the first time I looked upon all of the variations of the Hearts and Gizzards blocks I have been hooked. Just waiting until I felt I was ready to master this. I know the time is now. So at some point this year, I do plan on making a quilt out of this article that you wrote over 15 years ago; is that not awesome? Thank you for writing it!

    1. Hi, Brenda. I also had the habit of reading a few older quilt magazines every morning. Did this for about 20 years. Thanks for the reminder about the Hearts and Gizzards block and article. I think I'll revive that and make an updated version. Thanks for your kind words about my past articles. I think I published in Quilt Magazine almost 1000 times over 14 years - and I still have all that on my computer. I'll keep you posted.

  3. I do like your blocks. The one you are using for a background is especially appealing to me.

    1. Hi, Susan. Yes, that background print is my favorite and I only have a few inches left from one yard! This is truly a lovely collection. I plan on using it for a few future posts, too. Thanks for stopping by today.


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