My Hosannah Quilt for Palm Sunday

I've shared these blocks and quilts before on this blog. I must really like this block and technique because I've made so MANY of them! The Palm Block is an historic, vintage pattern that initially was published with very funky templates:

Bible Favorites vintage booklet
 And this is how the Palm Leaf block was pieced. How do you like those templates? NOT!

Traditional method for creating the vintage Palm Leaf block

I've just put together a 22 page pattern pack on Craftsy that includes these blocks in 3", 4", 5", 6", 7" and 10" sizes. Whew! That was a long sentence.

Here are a few from past years:

Single 10" Palm Block
And a quilt made with 9 of these. This appeared in an issue of Quilt Magazine (when I was an editor in 2006).

Regency Dandy Collection by Windham Fabrics (2007)
Some awesome blocks made with shot cottons:

10" blocks made using Artisan Cottons (Windham)
 And a few more:
10" blocks
And some smaller, 6" blocks done for a Benartex post last year using the Burlap fabrics. This appeared on their blog (the fabric giveaway is over, of course). You can see my steps here: Burlap Brights.

6" Blocks in a tutorial on the Sew in Love with Fabric blog site
This quilt uses the 10" size, with the 4 blocks set on point:
A combination of Kaffe Fassett fabrics and some more of those Regency Dandy fabrics

Cupid's Arrows was a workshop a few years ago, based on my Hosannah quilt from my paper piecing book:
Cupid's Arrows
Here is the Hosannah Quilt from "Paper Piecing Perfect Points". This uses 7" blocks. I taught this is a workshop using a 3 block setting and I called it Cupid's Arrows.
Hosannah Quilt using 7" blocks
And my most recent quilt was made using Kaffe Fassett prints. I cut a 3-1/4" strip from every single print. Then I recut each into shorter strips for ease of chain piecing. All directions for cutting strips is in the Craftsy Palm/Hosannah pattern.

Pre-cut strips to speed things up
Yes, this is a PINK QUILT! Yikes!

10" paper pieced Palm Block
Some of the blocks have the pink background print pieced as I was sewing on fumes for the last two blocks!
Another 10" block
 And the quilt, waiting to be quilted!
56" x 56" quilt (not patterned)
My Palm/Hosannah Block pattern includes the pattern for the brown quilt from my book, printable foundations for the sizes listed, how to draft a Palm Block to any size. (Note: in order to print the 10" size, you will need access to a printer that can print an 11" x 17" piece of paper.) But, when you know how to draft any size, you don't need a printer!

In addition, I include my EZ Paper Piecing step by step directions, How to Set Any Block on Point, and a variety of other tips.

My new favorite setting is the "When Four Blocks Become Five." You can see this in the Kaffe quilt above and I have another 16 blocks in white and green that will become another. Here is what I mean:

16 Palm Blocks
Hope you enjoyed the show! And Happy Palm Sunday to those who celebrate all that Easter is.


  1. Thanks, Debby, for the palm block and all the inspiration ... :) Pat

  2. I'm pretty sure I still have that pamphlet somewhere! I definitely think your method would be faster!

  3. Those are all amazing - hard to choose a favorite.

  4. such a wonderful variety here, paper piecing I struggle with but today there are 2 shows on tv showing how to do it so maybe it will click in my brain when I watch it

  5. Wow!! Very nice Debbie....I made this quilt years ago, the old way!!!! Going to check your method out. Thanks

  6. Wow - that setting of When Four Blocks Become Five is so neat! I love the colors you chose to do that quilt in, and I overlooked the fifth square until you pointed it out. ~smile~


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