Quilter's Block a Day Calendar: Week 16 (and free quilt pattern)

Another week, another seven beautiful blocks from Patricia Bryant of Australia. Just to let you know: I did NOT create these blocks in fabric; she did. I designed the blocks (digital) for the calendar. I am indebted to Patricia for this year long display of how to sew my blocks with real fabric!

April 16: Jewel Box

April 16: Jewel Box, 16"
 April 17: London Square
April 17: London Square, 8"
 April 18: Nonsense
April 18: Nonsense, 12"
Let me show you some blocks I made for Blank Fabrics several years ago using the Nonsense pattern. This collection is called Jane.

 And the quilt (not quilted in this photo) I made. I absolutely loved this collection and I'm going to dig through my stash to find some remnants. Would you like the pattern? Of course you do. (No pressure to sew it; we just like to collect patterns, right?) Click on the link below the photo for the 60" x 60" quilt (15" block).

No Nonsense Jane Quilt
Back to the calendar!
April 19: Posy Garden

April 19: Posy Garden, 9"
 April 20: Mimi's Bow Knot
April 20: Mimi's Bow Knot, 9"
 April 21: Next-Door Neighbor
April 21: Next-Door Neighbor, 12"
 April 22: Posy Block
April 22: Posy Block, 8-1/2"
Don't forget to download the No Nonsense Jane Quilt pattern. This is a wonderful way to showcase a beautiful large scale print. That center square is 10" finished!

See you next week.


  1. thankyou for the download I don`t know I have such a stack of things I want to make I keep saying no more then something else pops up on blogs and I just have to add it to my to do list

  2. Happy Easter Debby and thank you for the pattern. I am like Margaret. I have so many cute patterns that I want to make on my to-do list already. I say no more, but then someone shares something else that is beautiful and I have to add it too. I love the Jewel Box pattern. This is definitely on my list. I think it would be so awesome scrappy.

  3. I have the perfect fabric for the center of this block, Debby! Now I know why I haven't used it yet! Next is the fun of diving into the stash for the go-withs! Thanks for the pattern and, as always, for inspiration, quilting and otherwise. Wishing Easter Blessings to you and your loved-ones. (janeherbst at roadrunner dot com)

  4. Happy Easter Debby! Patricia has again done such a beautiful job with creating and staging all of these blocks, they are all inspiring. I am in love with the London Square block. The fabrics that Patricia chose are spectacular and purple is my favorite color! Debby thank you for sharing this wonderful Nonsense Pattern. I truly like the name you chose for this pattern. A great way to come up with an excuse to make it just say well it is Nonsense not to! Again Happy Easter and a great day!

  5. Debby, I love seeing Patricia's blocks and I had no idea you hadn't sewn these in fabric. How delightful for you to see them, along with us! I love the Jewel Box block - I marked this as one I would like to make a quilt of some day, and am thrilled to see Patricia's. There are some of my other favorites coming up soon, so I will continue to enjoy these weekly shares of talent on both of your parts. ~smile~

  6. Thanks for the No Nonsense pattern. Another week of beautiful blocks. I really see the beauty of that last block, when I'd missed how appealing it was before.


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