Quilter's Block a Day Calendar: Week 14

Another week, another set of beautiful blocks created by Patricia Bryant of Australia using the blocks in my Quilter's Block a Day Calendar (which is no longer in print!)

Patricia used my calendar to make all 366 blocks! Not sure what she plans to do with them, but that would make a GIANT quilt, huh?
Yes, this is all 366 blocks made by Patricia!
April 2: Birds in the Corner. I don't think that's a real bird there, do you?

April 2: Birds in the Corner, 6"
April 3: Buttercup (looks like Buttercup the Cow, doesn't it?)

April 3: Buttercup, 9"
April 4: Chicago Geese
April 4: Chicago Geese, 6"
April 5: Crown of Thorns

April 5: Crown of Thorns, 12"
April 6: Double Cross

April 6: Double Cross, 12"
April 7: Double X
April 7: Double X, 12"
April 8: Eight Hands Around

April 8: Eight Hands Around, 16"
Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed all the beautiful work that Patricia did!


  1. She did such an amazing job but I am most impressed with the "staging". Great job, Patricia. I have the calendar but so far all I've done is turn the page every day for several years. :-)

  2. I just love seeing these blocks. My favorites this week are Crown of Thorns and Eight Hands Around. I look forward to your email every week just to see these! Joanne, that's all I'm doing too - turning the page. Maybe some day we'll start sewing too! ~smile~

  3. Hello Debby! Once again, Patricia's blocks have amazed me with her dedication at creating each of these blocks and her unique pictures to present them. This week, I have to choose Birds in the Corner as my first favorite. The beautiful fabric she chose is absolutely stunning and made me automatically want to run my fingers over the fabric and just get a closer look at the whole block! Great Job Patricia and Debby! My second pick is the Crown of Thorns. I am into browns at the moment and so it just stood out for me plus, the blue middle fabric is so eye catching who wouldn't love the appeal! Thank you for sharing and creating these lovely blocks Debby! Thank you Patricia for making these blocks and sharing them with us! Have a great day!

  4. Such a nice photographic play on words for the last one! I did enjoy seeing all of them. Her Double X colors are beautiful!


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