Quilter's Block a Day Calendar: Week 18

Week 18 and a new round of 7 beautiful blocks by Patricia Bryant of Australia. Let's start!

April 30: Old King Cole's Crown
April 30: Old King Cole's Crown, 10"
 May 1: Trillium Wreath

May 30: Trillium Wreath, 12"
 And here's my own rendition of Trillium Wreath.

Trillium Wreath table topper
And a four block digital version:
Four Block Trillium Wreath quilt

May 2: Autograph Star
May 2: Autograph Star, 8"

May 3: Birds in the Air
May 3: Birds in the Air, 12"

May 4: Bouncing Betty
May 4: Bouncing Betty, 8"
And two digital versions I did for some fabric companies:

Bouncing Betty in feedsacks for Blank Quilting

Bouncing Betty as found in my 2011 Block a Day Calendar

May 5: Cheyenne
May 5: Cheyenne, 6"

May 6: Four Corners
May 6: Four Corners, 9"
Hope you enjoyed all this color and beautiful staging by Patricia. See you next week!


  1. Hello Debby, All of the blocks are so wonderful this week. I especially loved the Birds in the Air not only for the block but for the lovely birds! Patricia does such a spectacular presentation of each of these blocks, I really do give her two thumbs up! Both of the layouts you did for the Bouncing Betty Block are lovely. It still amazes me after all of my years of quilting how the layout of of block will completely change what your mind thinks it will look like. Plus, when you start playing with fabrics another whole dimension takes place also. Applique is my favorite so of course the Trillium Wreath block, table topper and quilt layout caught my attention also. With the table topper you created, I adore the way you centered the block and bordered everything with the striped multi colored fabrics. Those two factors, in my opinion, just make the table topper go WOW! Thank you and Patricia for sharing and inspiring me with all of your creative choices! Have a great day!

  2. I do like your Bouncing Betty quilts! Wonderful photos of all the blocks. I'm really enjoying Patricia's photographs.


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