Windham Wednesday with Uncorked

I keep coming back to my Metropolitan Star pattern. You've seen it here before several times. I am teaching it as a workshop at the end of April and I needed some samples.

This is the vintage quilt that inspired me:

Pulled from a Metropolitan Home Magazine in the 1980s
And the one that appeared in my 2nd book, on the cover! Blocks are 21"!

Metropolitan Home Star: 69" x 69"
I have an older fabric from the Kaffe Fassett Lille Collection and I pulled some blenders from the Uncorked Collection by Windham.

4 fat quarters from Uncorked by Windham Fabrics

Vintage fabric: it's time to cut it up!
Uncorked fabrics to go with this Lille fabric
And I made several blocks this afternoon. They are paper pieced.

Four star points for my 21" blocks
 Not sure if I'll mix them up in each block or stay with four of the same color.

4 star points. 7" square each
My students can make a variety of assemblies. Here is one I shared last year using the Butterfly Dance collection by Windham. Click the link to read the post and see some of the process shots.

Staggered Star blocks using Butterfly Dance
Or they can just make one star and set it with some 7" strips as I did with this one:

One BIG star with some gorgeous fabrics
Uncorked has 24 skus and a color for just about anything. Love this collection!

So much beauty in one place!

5" squares of Uncorked
Did you see my quilt from a few months ago? This is a remake of an older quilt that was stolen in 2005. This now lives in a loving home with a dear friend of one of my daughters. She loves it.

98 Dancing Squares quilt using Uncorked
I'll be working on my star points in the next 2 weeks and will show you how I arrange the points. I usually let the fabric tell me what they want!


  1. I kind of like the colors mixed up - something different to do! I, too, like the uncorked. I wasn't sure, at first, but light color doesn't interfere with the way it reads, and I like it more and more.


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