April Red Hat Block: The Umbrella

April showers bring May flowers! So, you know we need an umbrella when it rains! The block for this month of showers is the Umbrella. You can see it in the center of my Stepping Out quilt below.

I still haven't quilted my little Stepping Out quilt that I shared in March. Maybe it will happen sometime this month. Here it is again. Remember, once I pattern it this will be FREE to those of you who have purchased any of my Red Hat patterns via Etsy. I have your emails, so I know where to find you!

Red Hat Stepping Out Quilt
I've already shared the Red Hat, the Gloves (both right and left hands) and the Purse. You can see those blog posts by clicking the links. From there you can find the patterns at my Etsy shop.

I love this umbrella. I created this in early 2006 when I designed some patterns for my local quilt shop in Atlanta. You can see my cut out patches as I have arranged them on the 10-1/2" background square. I auditioned threads for the machine appliqué using scraps. If I'm going to make a mistake on my colors, at least do it with scraps!

Red Hat Umbrella Block
And after my stitching:
Red Hat Umbrella Block stitched
Take a visit to my Red Hat Stepping Out Facebook page, too.

April is a busy month for me with teaching 7 workshops, but I always take time for some personal sewing and quilting. I hope you get quality time this month to quilt those things that make you happy!


  1. Thank you, Debby! That's the easiest umbrella ever, and the entire quilt is so cute. That stripe is a perfect stripping fabric.


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