Hooray for the Red, White and Blue and FREE Patterns

Today is July 4 and in America we celebrate our freedom as a country. I hear SO MANY negative things these days about all the perceived wrongs going on, can we just not concentrate on our warts and remember the good things about our neighbors, communities and country? I'm not trying to pretend we don't have issues (like who doesn't?!!), but we have so much to celebrate.

So, how about some quilt inspiration? Yes, how about it!

Here's some fabric from Windham, 2014. I wish I still had a few of these, but I gave them all away. This was an amazing collection.

George Washington, our first president
Here is my Patriot's Day quilt, scheduled to appear in a quilting magazine but then they declared bankruptcy and it was never published. I never got paid . . .

But, I did publish it in my 2012 Wall Calendar of quilts and then gave it away to my favorite nephew (only nephew) and he loves it!

Blair with Patriot's Day quilt
The quilt was made using the Coverlets Collection from Windham Fabrics. Click the link below the picture for the FREE pattern download.
Regal Eagle
This quilt was published in Quilt Magazine and then I gave it to a friend who lost her nephew in Afghanistan. She took it to his mother and I understand it hangs over his bed. A tribute to a fallen soldier.
Americana Hearts. 14" Block; 58" x 58" Quilt
Texas Stars appeared in my second book Supersize 'Em Quilts. These are BIG blocks, all rotary cut. Notice that there are 3 different arrangements of the 45 degree diamonds. This quilt is owned by Windham Fabrics and hangs in their New Jersey office.
Texas Stars, 19-1/2" Blocks
This quilt was also made using those coverlets. It was designed by Leslie Sonkin and I patterned and made it. I think I'll pull out my drawer full of those amazing coverlets today. You can download the FREE pattern for this one, too. Click the link below the photo.
American Beauty
I made three 18" blocks from my quilting calendar. Here is Old Glory Star.
And upsized (18") block from my Quilter's Block a Day Calendar
And  the Yankee Charm block:
Yankee Charm block
And Star Spangled Banner.
18" Star Spangled Banner block
I have quite a few more, but I see that it's 7:30 am (EST), so I have to hit "publish" before all of you get up!

You can find all three of these 18" blocks patterned in my Hey, Hey USA banner on Etsy. Check it out!

Have a wonderful 4th of July/Independence Day celebrating however you and your family enjoy.