Happy President's Day (USA)

When I was a child in school (1960s and 70s - when the dinosaurs roamed), we celebrated President's Day - two of them. February 22 for our first president, George Washington. And then for our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln (February 12, I think). Now, we just combine them into one generic day and it's February 17th this year.

This picture is from a Windham collection several years back. Wish I still had some!

Actual fabric with this motif printed on it
And some fun prints Windham sent me a few years back. Take a look at this one! George is being scolded for chopping down that famous cherry tree (which I understand is a myth).

George Washington chopping down that cherry tree!
And the quilt I designed for Keepsake Quilting catalog using these fabrics. The Lone Star has NO y-seams and is a 19" block. So easy to cut and sew with any acrylic ruler with those extra 45 degree lines on it (they all do, btw). This is still a popular workshop

Storybook Americana Lone Star: 31" x 31"
And one I made with some of the leftovers. Steps to the White House. Yes, that George-cherry tree print is right in the middle (in blue). And the reason the borders are two different prints has to do with not having enough of either one. Pretty clever, huh?

Steps to the White House
Do you remember the American Eagle quilt I made several years ago using a reproduction coverlets line? I gave this quilt to my nephew. I called it Patriot's Day. The center block is 24" x 24" and the entire quilt is 45" x 45". My nephew saw the picture in one of my wall calendars of quilts and was so struck with it. I knew it needed to be in his home and not sitting on a shelf in my closet. A no-brainer, right?

Patriot's Day

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my red, white and blue quilts. And I wish you a lovely President's Day (whether you have it off from work/school or not).


  1. Hi Debby, I too remember having two holidays in Feb for Presidents day, but when I became a parent the 3 day holiday sure was a lot nicer to manage! Thanks for sharing you quilts. Happy Presidents day to you!


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