Michael Miller Mondays with Tropical Batiks

Yes, again. And this time with Fairy Frost! Such a lovely combination. I am making samples for workshop proposals for 2021 (yes, that's right!) and I am revisiting one of my oldie patterns: Divided Diamonds. It was a block I had in Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks magazine in 2012. At that time it was 12" and paper pieced. I upsized it for making this using some current Michael Miller fabrics.

18" Divided Diamonds block (27" x 27" small quilt)
Do you remember this luscious Tropical Batiks collection? I was sent a bundle of fat quarters about a year ago and made another of my Pickup Stix quilts. (You can see the tutorial here). But they've been calling to me again. Fat quarters can be a bit tricky when it comes to making something of substance. I had to do some serious math to get my patches out of the main print in the center of my block. I think I got Divine inspiration this morning (Sunday) in church because I knew that ONE single mis-cut would ruin my plan. And, yes, I was paying attention to my pastor! But I figured out the math.

Tropical Batiks
This is a new pattern, so I am not sharing too many details. It's the fabric I'm concentrating on today.

3 of the Fairy Frost fabrics I selected
This is a paper pieced pattern. I printed my foundations and then cut strips and squares (for triangles).
Strips stitched to the foundation
After the paper is removed, you would never know I didn't cut templates! I trim, leaving 1/4" seam BEFORE I add the next patch.

Wrong side of one of 8 units
This is a Mariner's Compass variation. It requires curved piecing of the background. Here is how I cut them out. Again, I used only a fat quarter. My template is freezer paper.

Ready to cut out background from one of the Tropical Batiks prints
Then I flip-flop the freezer paper template for the next unit. I needed to cut four of these. The block will finish to 18", so these are 9-1/2" high.

And together? From the back side.
The back of my Mariner's Compass variation
And with some borders squeaked from the remaining pieces of the lovely batiks. Notice that the border prints DO NOT match. Well, yes they do - but only in colors. The prints are different. But, who cares?!! It works, and I bet you never saw that the prints were different until I said so.

Divided Diamonds block with some borders
This is not a difficult pattern. I love that it lets the fabric do the work. Strong contrast is important. Remember: I sew for the camera and have for 28 years. And I need fabric to be able to create new patterns. Thank you, Michael Miller fabrics for those luscious Tropical Batiks and Fairy Frost!


  1. Love the colours and it is a lovely pattern.

  2. Hi Debby! What a difficult and intricate looking pattern this is. That center piece is really stunning and it really does let the fabrics speak. I love this pattern, and of course, the fabrics. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Beautiful fabrics, and I love the pattern too. I have a selection of fat quarters - such a nice size to buy when you love the fabric, but have no real plans for it, at the time. Looking forward to what you come up with. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I didn't notice the fabrics were different in the border until you said so. The pieces in the middle - maybe one that's more yellow and one that's more pink? I'm not sure, because you cut them so well!


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