Little Hexagon Tote Bags

This is a repost from 2012! I discovered the photos on my computer and thought it would be fun to see these again. And I've updated the 7 page pattern to 17 pages because I decided to include the original quilt where the little hexie blocks came from. And I have a printable page of 1" hexagons so you can start stitching right away!

Two little CD bags using my leftover Grandmother's Flower Garden blocks
There's nothing quite like SCRAPS to make me feel cozy. These little CD bags were made in 2004/5 with some leftover grandmother's flower garden blocks from a quilt in my first book. I thought it would be nice to capture just one in a little bag just the right size for a CD. I made two and finally found the original photo that appeared in Patchwork and Quilting Magazine. And I included a lesson on English Paper Piecing.

Here is the quilt that gave me these leftovers. This was in my first book and I include this as a bonus pattern with the little CD Tote Bag.
Bright hexagons on black background
Why not little bags? Of course!
I think I gave these to my little granddaughter! (Or maybe not!)
One bag; note the bird novelty print. (There are chickens in the green bag!)
Let's see some other Grandmother's Flower Garden (GFG) blocks made with other fabrics. I used 1" hexagons. Aren't these sweet?

Floral GFG Blocks
Almost any fabrics work with these lovely hexagon shapes.
GFG blocks made with some awesome blenders
Click this link: CD mini bag to get the 17 page pdf pattern. It includes an illustrated lesson on English Paper Piecing (more than once!). Lots of good diagrams, too.