Windham Wednesdays with Bedrock (again)

Saturday, waiting in line at the Dollar Store, I glanced up and saw something other than candy. (Yes, I also bought a bag of candy!) Here was this colorful set of 24 elastic hairbands, wrapped around a square with a lollypop stick attached. At first I thought it was a lollypop! And then I realized this was an awesome Log Cabin. I bought two of them (I have a little granddaughter I can pass these on to.)
Inspiration from a $1.00 set of hair bands!
I came home and pulled 6 colors from a stack of Windham fabric (5 are from Bedrock and one is from Artisan Cotton). These are PERFECT, right? The orange is the Artisan Cotton because I used the Bedrock orange in this little quilt from a few years ago. Click on that link and you can see some of my steps.

Paper Pieced Carrots
Now, let me show you my steps. There are 12 rounds in this off-center Log Cabin. I cut all strips at 1-1/2" wide. Yellow center of 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" square. Joined my red strips next.

Step 1 and 2
 Now it's time for the orange:

Strips of orange being added

The purple round.

And my mistake! Had to rip it out, of course! Logs are added to TWO SIDES ONLY!

I'm working on 4 blocks. Here's half of the first one. I was chain piecing four at a time, btw.

Half of the first block
There was  LOT OF PIECING going on, but I persevered. What do you think?

Four 12" off center log cabin blocks made with Bedrock (and Artisan Cotton)
I put them together one way, but won't sew them this way. If I had wanted that arrangement, I would have stitched rows around a bigger yellow center!

Four blocks using Bedrock
And four blocks this way:
Four blocks turned
Well, I satisfied my desire to recreate a simple Dollar Store hairband popsicle. What I can't believe is the beautiful way they were wrapped around that base! And all for one dollar!

Here's a pic of my pattern notes. This is how I work: idea first, sample/prototype next, finally pattern notes! Digital design never comes first (ie, Electric Quilt). It always has to be DOABLE in real fabric. In this case, Bedrock from Windham worked like a charm! The cutting list is for ONE block, but I knew I was making four.

Sewing first; notes next
I used fat quarters for this. I don't have enough left to make more than maybe 2 or 3, but I'm going to try! Bedrock is a wonderful blender without being flat. And the colors are awesome, just like a rainbow.


  1. This is to funny. I have a packet of thee on my desk as I type. I also got these for stockings for my granddaughters. "Who would have thought.

  2. Too funny, right? I honestly thought they were lollipops. Then when I realized what they were AND that they looked just like an off-center log cabin, I grabbed two. I shared my story and the four blocks with my quilt guild Tuesday night and they were entertained! There’s a lot of work to wrapping 24 bands around like that.

    Thanks for stopping by,

  3. I am going to check to see if my dollar store has these.

  4. What a great inspiration. Your blocks look fabulous.

  5. They look wonderful, and that is a great way to do hairbands. I'm stunned that all that work gives them a $1 cost. My mind boggles at what the original maker got - almost nothing!


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