Calendar Blocks: Birthday Cake

Today is January 15th. There are 3 famous people who have birthdays today. Martin Luther King, Jr. My favorite middle daughter named Hilary. And my favorite (and only) granddaughter named Eva. You could call this the perfect trifecta!

When I designed the Quilter's Block a Day Calendar for Martingale, I figured I would put a birthday cake block on this day (Eva wasn't born yet; it was 2007!)  Here is my own block, which I set on point and quilted. I use it as a teaching sample for Beginning Machine Quilting classes.

Birthday Cake block

This block was made by Patricia Bryant of Australia.

Birthday Cake block by Patricia Bryant of Australia

Here is what a real birthday cake looks like! My husband bought it for me and we devoured half of it (with friends, of course!) Yum, yum!

This is my digital block version.

Digging through my files I found this quilt version from 2011. And this is the FREE pattern (to those who own the calendar). I designed this with the Arianna Collection by Benartex.

Birthday Cake Quilt: 46" x 46"

You can find my Quilter's Block a Day Calendar CD at my Etsy store. All 366 blocks in two sizes and 12 quilt patterns!

Happy Birthday to Hilary and Eva. Birthday memories to Martin Luther King, Jr who taught us how to "give peace a chance!" 


  1. Every version of the block is beautiful, but my favorite is the one you can eat! =) It sounds like your birthday was recently, too, so happy belated birthday!


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