Calendar Blocks: Duck and Ducklings

Today is January 9th and the block of the day is Duck and Ducklings. This is a traditional block that has been in the quilt world for a really long time! Here is my 10" block with a mitered, striped border. I searched for it the other day and I guess I gave it away!

Duck and Ducklings. 10" block

Here is a page from a vintage catalog that is dated May 8, 1929! What do you think of this?

Duck and Ducklings pattern by Ruby McKim.

For the Calendar CD I created each block in 2 sizes. The other size for Duck and Ducklings is 15". I also include a rendition of what 4 of the blocks look like together, end to end. What to see that? Of course you do! I think you'll like the secondary pattern they create.

Four Duck and Ducklings blocks

You can find Duck and Ducklings with 365 other blocks on my Quilter's Block a Day Calendar CD.


  1. I love my calendar! I should dig it out of the stack of fabric that's covered it. I DO like the 4 together, and with a border, that makes a reasonable baby quilt. It's a great block with the striped border.

  2. Love it! Wow making a quilt is a lot easier now. Cute Cute Cute! I unfortunately do not have a CD reader any more. Just a CD player...for music. Thank you Debby!

  3. I think I like the secondary pattern of the four blocks better than the original block. LOL Well done.


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