The Snake Trail from The Quilter's Block a Day Calendar

 No one that I know likes snakes (whew!) But, they are part of God's creation (and I'd love to ask Him why He invented/created them) and we have to just stay clear of them, right?

A vintage block called Snake Trail is included in my Quilter's Block a Day calendar. It is a variation of Drunkard's Path. Does that mean that snakes can get drunk? Forget that thought! Here is Patricia Bryant's version of Snake Trail. Can you believe she put that creepy plastic snake in there?!

Snake Trail by Patricia Bryant

Here is my own version:

My own Snake Trail

I received some fabrics from Benartex a few years ago that has actual snakes on it! I made a few charity quilts using it. Little boys like snakes, ok? Here's one of them.

Here's a close up of the snake fabric. Take a deep breath. Put your coffee cup down! I still have a small piece of this left. I think any one of my 3 young grandsons would probably like it. But, not my granddaughter!

Snake Trail is a 12" block and also is patterned in a 16" size in the Calendar CD.


  1. I did a hand pieced and quilted snail's trail. So much fun. I do enjoy hand piecing. I wonder what my Grandma would say. She did a lot of quilting, but I don't know if she hand pieced or not.
    Stay safe

  2. I like your snake trail, but I DO NOT like snakes (even harmless ones).


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