So Many Flying Geese!

I must love this pattern because here I am making ONE more! This was part of a workshop I taught for a few years and also appeared in my 3rd book, Paper Piecing Perfect Points. 

Here is the pattern as I taught it a few years ago for the Hershey Quilt Show. I call it "My Geese Have the Blues." Everything is stepped out in the 11 page pdf. I truly love these colors! Each of those 4 blocks/units is 12" x 12". Sashings are 2".

My Geese Have the Blues: 38" x 38"

I also love it in the bright, primary colors as seen here. Don't you love those dancing jungle animals?

Geese at the Zoo

Here's the one from my book. It's rather sedate and with ho-hum colors. One of my daughters asked for it and I gladly gave it to her. Yes, that center circle is quite large but I did NOT set that into the circle of geese. I simply interfaced it and then machine appliquéd it to the quite large center hole! I wanted to capture the lovely image of that lady and I did in the four corner squares, too.

Toile Garden Medallion

Here's another happy one (since donated to young neighbor).

Circles of Geese with center sashings

And another one in pinks. I think I gifted this to one of my neighbor's kids, too. (She has 5 kids under the age of 6!!)

And I just finished adding borders to the last of my samples. That means I won't be teaching this anymore. Enough is enough! But isn't this just the cutest with the dancing jungle animals and the large dotted fabric?

Oh, wait! I forgot to show you the VERY FIRST one I made 12 years ago. And I DID set in that circle in that complete ring of flying geese. See? I can do that (but never again!) Here's the center:

Yakkity Yak Dinosaurs center

And the complete quilt:
Yakkity Yak Dinosaurs, begun in 2008

So, I've made 7 of these and I'm quite sure I'm done. Each one is making someone happy and that's the purpose of my quilting (after trying to make a living from it!) Hope you enjoyed seeing all of these.



  1. I like the last one, Yakkity Yak Dinosaurs, the best. It is not so busy as the others. Love the fabric; looks like underwater animals-coral.
    Stay safe.

  2. Actually my favorite is your "sedate, ho-hum colors" one.:-) The Yakity Yak Dinosaurs is my second favorite.

  3. I love regular flying geese. One of these days, I'm going to try your curved ones. I bought a pattern quite a while ago from you, but haven't made it up yet.


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