Strawberry Fields Forever

I think I'm getting a little bit ahead of myself. It's February and, where I live, it's also snowing outside - bleak, gray and dreary. But I remembered this lovely dimensional Wild Strawberries mini quilt I made over 15 years ago. To be fair, I didn't make the center block - that was part of a Quilt Magazine contest in the 1990s when our readers sent in their own blocks in the hopes of winning a prize. We didn't get around to using the blocks for our magazine projects until the early 2000s.

I think this block wins the prize for being so sweet and intricate and filled with little bits of whimsy. Those are stuffed strawberries, bits with all sorts of embroidery and tiny white flowers. The basket has hand stitching and, just so we don't confuse our fruit, the maker labeled her work "Wild Strawberry."

Wild Strawberry block

I added borders and then slipped in some prairie points between the block and the borders. Isn't this the cutest? I added a thin red flange on the sides only. This is one of my favorite quilts and hangs in my spare guest bedroom.

Wild Strawberries pattern

My husband likes to plant various things in our small backyard and a few years ago he had a small crop of strawberries. These are from 2015 (and I think this was all we got from that crop!)

You can find my 6 page Wild Strawberries digital pdf on my Etsy store. It's small (13" x 16") and is perfect as a take-along hand project.

Soon it will be spring and time to begin thinking of things to plant in our gardens, right?


  1. Lovely so refreshing after looking out at the cold....

  2. It is almost strawberry season in Florida. The ambassadors at the Lakeland show used to bring us a crate of fresh strawberries to share in the office. Yummy!! Not to worry, spring will come. It hit 70 on Wednesday and the songbirds are coming back to Ga. I heard a goose heading north yesterday.

  3. Wonderful little quilt. That is about all I got out of my first strawberry patch too.

  4. Those prairie points add so much to the quiltlet. If I hadn't seen them, I would have loved it without them, but seeing them, I want them there. =)


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