Magazine Cover Quilts, Day Four

Day Four: Royal Star has been shown here before. I was sent a bundle of Fossil Ferns from Benartex in early 2000 and I redrafted a vintage block (called Royal Star!) for paper piecing. I combined the Fossil Ferns with solid black and came up with this wildly popular quilt. I never would have dreamed it, but it is still a favorite. This is Big Block Quilts 2001.

Big Block Quilts 2001 featuring Royal Star

You can find the pattern for this in my Etsy shop for only $4.99! I converted the vintage pattern from templates to easy rotary cut center 9 patches and paper pieced star points.

Here is a real vintage remnant from a Royal Star quilt. A little variation on those points, but the center 9 Patch is there. Can you imagine ALL those templates!

It also became the cover quilt on my first book: Bold, Black and Beautiful Quilts. I still own the quilt and probably won't ever give it away. The Fossil Ferns just glow on this black background!

Here is another quilt that wanted to share the cover with NO other quilt. This is an updated version of Carpenter's Wheel. I converted it from difficult templates and y-seams to paper piecing. The center block is 19-1/2" square and this quilt is one of my "One Block Wonders."

Carpenter's Wheel

And one more cover quilt that uses paper piecing (but it's not the last one you'll see here). Dogwood Blossoms combines those lovely appliqué Dogwoods with paper pieced, elongated Square in Square blocks (which are paper pieced). The quilt is only 20" x 26". And can you see those prairie points at the tips of the flower petals? They're gros grain ribbon! This is Appliqué Quilts, Fall 2005.

And don't overlook that sweet little Sunbonnet Sue quilt on the left side of the cover.

Appliqué Quilts featuring my Dogwood Blossoms AND Sunbonnet Sue quilts

Dogwood Blossoms up close

Here's a closeup of the Sunbonnet Sue quilt:

Sunbonnet Sue enjoying the Spring flowers

So many ideas, so many quilts. I honestly can't believe I generated so many, but I'm not done! See you tomorrow with a few more magazine covers to inspire you!


  1. Debby, Where can I find the July 1 post, please? Now I would like the pattern for the patriotic quilt you showed us yesterday as I forgot to write it down.

    1. Sewanne. There is no email where I can reach you, so I hope you come back here. The pattern is from yesterday. just scroll thru these posts and you'll find it.

    2. Thanks Debby. No, that is what I tried. It's weird. I go to HOME and look for the posts but it goes "July 2; June 30; June 29. There is no July 1, hence the reason I wrote. Really sorry to bother you on this, especially as it's my fault for not writing down the name of the website.

  2. Double ❤️❤️ Sun bonnet Sue. I still have a few of your earlier magazines, a treasure.
    Thanks for sharing your many gifts!

    1. Yes, Sunbonnet Sues have always had a special place for me. I still have a few of my quilts (even have that little one on the cover). Maybe I should give it to my little granddaughter. She'd love it, I'm sure!

  3. Hi Debby! Yes, I have to agree about the double hearts for Sunbonnet Sue. Your granddaughter would definitely love it! ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Now fast forward to today and Accuquilt has a new die for that "Carpenter's Wheel" block that finishes at 18", also can be pieced with no Y-seams and cuts all the block pieces with one pass through the machine. That's the great thing about our contemporary quilting techniques, eventually someone actually WILL "reinvent the wheel", LOL!!

    1. I didn't piece the Carpenter's Wheel with y-seams. I paper pieced it. Yes, the Accuquilt and dies have been an amazing contribution to quilting. I love all the new things that make our lives easier. Thanks for stopping by, Vivian!


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