To Grandma's House We Go

Yes, I'm a grandma, but I wasn't when this quilt was made. I was using a 2007 collection by Benartex and decided to capture the playful feel of the fabrics and to cut out the words and add them to the top of the quilt. This was in my Galaxy of Stars magazine issue. 

To Grandma's House We Go

I was making a trip to California (from Atlanta, where I lived at the time) to visit family and my flight was delayed due to tornado activity in Colorado. I spent the night in the airport, but I had this quilt in my overnight bag (I was taking it to my sister who WAS a grandmother at the time) and I pulled it out and it was my pillow! Smart, huh?

One other quilt that was in that magazine issue was made using Springs Fabrics. This is a variation on a Double Irish Chain. I called it Chain of Squares (but my editor renamed it!)

Asian Mosaic (Double Irish Chain): 64" x 64"

Here is the single block as I have it in my Quilter's Block a Day Calendar:

And one more. I made this using the Garden Walk Collection by Nancy Zieman for Windham Fabrics. Block Size: 9". Quilt Size: 48" x 48". This is based on a vintage block.

Garden Walk

I don't own the above quilt (Windham does). But I made one for me based on a vintage red and green quilt I saw in one of our older issues. This appeared in my 2014 Wall Calendar of Quilts. It hung for years in my living room. I used reproduction prints to stay in tune with the design.

Antique Baskets. Block Size: 9". Quilt Size: 37" x 37"

This is the last of my quilts as featured in that "famous" Debby Kratovil issue. Hope you enjoyed the show! I hope to continue my Christmas in July posts. And I may have a Hanukkah in July feature, too. Stay tuned!


  1. Always enjoy your quilts. So much talent. I need to get started.

    1. That is really an oldie quilt, Nancy! But still fun. I haven't made any fabric houses in awhile. I may revisit this. Thanks for stopping by.


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