Magazine Cover Quilts, Day Five

Here we are on Day Five of the Magazine Cover Quilts and I have two that feature stars. The first is Blast Off! that let the fabric of planets do a lot of the heavy lifting. I just needed to stitch some blocks that looked like rockets (ok. maybe only a little). This is an updated version of Job's Tears that I converted to paper piecing.

Blast Off! is the featured quilt on the cover of Quilt Magazine, Spring 2006

And here is the stylized shot as seen inside. I gave this quilt to a young boy almost 15 years ago. He's on his way to college now!

Blast Off! 33" x 33". Block Size: 8"

You may remember this next quilt as I featured it in a Block of the Month in 2015. It's my Galaxy of Stars.

Quilt Magazine #73 (January 2007)

Stay tuned for more on this issue. The senior editors joked that this was the "Debby Kratovil Issue" as it contained SEVEN of my quilts and a pattern feature for 4 FREE blocks. Never before and never since have I had so many in one issue. Next week I plan on featuring a few of them and even offering a few FREE patterns.

Here's a better shot of my Galaxy of Stars quilt. 

Galaxy of Stars 2007.

And a close up look at the blocks:

Hope you enjoyed my Magazine Cover Quilts. I have more, but I'll give you a break for now.


  1. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful quilts. You are so talented!!

  2. Hi, Judy. Thanks for your kind words about my quilts. I'll pass them on to "the lovelies" in the closets. They love all this attention!

  3. I believe that I still have a copy of Galaxy of Stars saved from that long ago magazine. I might have to dig that out and make one.

    1. That pattern is 21 pages in length, and when it ran in the magazine we couldn't fit it in. So, we put it online. That link is long gone as the magazine folded about 5 years ago! It is available in my Etsy shop, tho.


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