Blue and Gray Sampler: Block 2

The second of my blocks for the Blue and Gray Sampler is Louisiana. Not sure where or why it came to have that name, but it's fairly easy to cut and stitch together. If you look closely, there are Flying Geese (green) with two different sky patches (red and cream).

Louisiana Block: 12"

I am working with Windham's Uncorked Collection and I just didn't want a boring cream for the background. I chose a light pink and I hope I will have enough to make all my blocks. If not . . .

The fabrics I chose for my Louisiana blocks

This is stepped out in the single page pdf pattern (link at bottom of page). There also is a diagram of how to cut your patches. Making Flying Geese my way involves accurate cutting of the two different triangles. I don't subscribe to the new "sexy" ways that people have devised in making this unit. If you don't like my method, by all means, use your own!

Cut the following:

  • Four 3-1/2" x 6-1/2" pink (or other light of your choice)
  • One 7-1/4" square green; cut along both diagonals for four "geese" patches
  • Two 3-7/8" squares pink; cut along one diagonal for four "sky" patches
  • Two 3-7/8" squares purple; cut along one diagonal for four "sky" patches
The light triangles will all fall on the left side of the Flying Geese. Sew the purple triangles on the right side as shown. Press seam toward the small triangle. Make 4 of these.

Four Flying Geese units, Step 1

Now add the light/pink small triangles to the left side. Notice in both of these pictures, the small triangle aligns with the bottom of the large "goose" triangle.

Flying Geese, Step 2

Press all toward the small triangles again. Now we're ready to add the 3-1/2" x 6-1/2" rectangles.

Flying Geese Units

Add the 3-1/2" x 6-1/2" rectangles to the TOP of the Geese unit (at the point side). Press seams toward the rectangles. Arrange the four units as shown below.

Louisiana Block four sections

And here's the Louisiana Block which will finish to 12".

Louisiana Block

Click that link to get the second block in my Blue and Gray Sampler Quilt. Enjoy!


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