Quilt Gone to the Dogs

What is it with pets? You give them safety, food, shelter, love? And then they grab one of your quilts and think it's a toy! This happened last weekend with my precious dog grandchild - Zelda. Her mother, my precious middle daughter Hilary - owns several of my quilts. When my kids ask, they get whatever quilts they want. They have even taken them right off my walls when they've come to visit!

Now, back to Zelda. Such a sweetie pie. A rescue dog who loves her new home. She's 7 years old and should be beyond the frisky stage, right?


And what quilt did she desecrate? One that I gave to Hilary 2 years ago which was one of my absolute favorite quilts. I called it "Yikes, Those Stripes!" I think naming that was a premonition of what was going to happen to it.

Here is Yikes before the desecration. An easy quilt to make from strip sets. But it was the stellar quilting done by an Atlanta longarm quilter that took it to the heavens!

Yikes, Those Stripes: 44" x 52"

This is what I mean about the quilting:

Lovely quilting by Leslee Evans of Atlanta, GA

And another photo:

Another lovely set of blocks

So, I got this SOS on Saturday:

She said: "We had a little incident with this quilt and the dog recently … I feel terrible. Could we bring it next time we visit for you to patch? It was on top of her crate and I guess she got bored or mad and she pulled it completely into the crate and it got ripped up in the process šŸ˜¬

She has never ripped up any blanket of her own, I honestly think she just got bored and it was an accident."

I said: "Of course! I still love Zelda but can u emphasize that these things have a lot of hours involved? Or was she just hungry? Or bored? Can’t wait to share this on my blog. It’s just stuff. But that’s a special stuff. Hugs and kisses to Zelda and all of you."

Now, let's see the damage:

Dog teeth are sharp, right?!

Equal opportunity ripper! Not just the front, but the back, too! Do you think Zelda should take some anger management classes?

But, nothing, nothing can compare with what MY dog (living in dog heaven now) did to one of my quilts. Belle slept on my youngest daughter's bed and she decided that this quilt was HERS!

My desecrated Rattle Snake quilt

And the precious dog that did this!

High and Mighty Belle

Pets. We love them anyway, right?


  1. Got to love those fur balls that roam our homes. They greet us happy smiles and wagging tail when you come home but also comes heartbroken incidents. I’m sorry to hear about your lovely quilt.

    1. Thanks. It’s only a quilt and can be fixed!

  2. So, did you decide they were unfixable?

    1. Haven’t gotten it yet. But it’s certainly fixable. AppliquĆ© will work on the front

  3. I've had that happen once. They don't mean to, but it happens.

    1. Yes. Zelda was not doing anything other than dog playing. She’s getting her own doggie quilt!

  4. Yikes! is certainly an apt name. I hope it is easy enough to fix.


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