Pentagon Wreaths - Again!

Yes, you can say that I'm really enamored with this simple block. Easy to stitch (English Paper Piecing) and it allows you to showcase some lovely fabrics in a unique way.

This is an updated post on some Pentagon Wreath blocks I made in June. (Check out the link). Here are four blocks waiting to be joined into a quilt. But they need a few more, I think. I added the triangles in the corners to add a little more color.

Pentagon Wreath blocks

Here's that blue block up close (before it was stitched down):

Here is the pink block up close - stitched down.

Pink Pentagon Wreath block

I used a Windham Collection called Solstice. These are fantastic prints!

Some of the 28 prints from Solstice

I also made some circles last November. They are destined to be appliquéd to background squares (as you can see on the right side of the photo.)

Solstice circles

And a few more Pentagon Wreaths I've made here and there.

Fussy cut center motif surrounded with soft colors

Seven blocks stitched using the Potpourri Fabrics (again by Windham).

7 Pentagon Wreath blocks using Potpourri

Here's a block from both the front and back. I trim away the background to reduce the weight and bulk.

Single block appliquéd to 11" square

Trimmed from the back:

Keep tuned for how I'm going to stitch these into a quilt. For now, they hang quietly on a skirt hanger in my closet.

These are 2" pentagons and the single center hexagon. Easy to work with, honest! And this is great take along hand work, too!


  1. They all look great! I want to see how you put them together. I usually can't predict what you will do. LOL


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