Jack's Chain Again

I'm making this a new workshop offering and decided to offer my students the possibility of adding the center 6-pointed star. Do you remember this from 2016? I finally appliquéd that center hexagon star to the big opening. This is a BIG block - 22" x 22".

Jack's Chain Center Alternate Star Block

Sometimes I get lost in Pinterest when I'm doing a specific search. What - it doesn't happen to you? I found a beautiful crocheted Jack's Chain afghan. Isn't this just so lovely? I like to crochet, but I'm not sure I could do this and keep the patches from wobbling.

My quilt guild friend Julia, has made a gorgeous Jack's Chain in red and white. She is the queen of hand piecing and quilting and this is truly a work of art. She used a commercial pattern called Ring Cycles by Jessa Siegele. Here is a closeup of her hand quilting in process.

Closeup of Julia's hand quilting on her Ring Cycles pattern

Those 9 Patches finish to 3"! She told me that she machine pieced them and then swapped the blocks with 5 friends. Here is her finished Jack's Chain variation quilt.

Ring Cycles (a variation of Jack's Chain) by Julia of Fairfax, VA

Then I asked another quilt guild friend, Susan S. for permission to share her own Jack's Chain. She has it layered and basted and is hoping to quilt it soon. I love how it creates all those interlocking circles.

Jack's Chain by Susan S. of Virginia

Here is my quilt top, also unquilted. It's 64" x 64". The centers of the four blocks use beautiful floral motifs that refused to be chopped up. Yes, there are y-seams here, but those center hexagons are NOT pieced, but simply interfaced and appliquéd to the centers.

Jack's Chain variation: 64" x 64"

You can see some steps on how I made this by clicking these links:
You can find the pattern for my own Jack's Chain in my Etsy shop. Have you ever made a Jack's Chain quilt? I'd love to see it, even if it's still unfinished.