Tell Me About Pre-Cuts: Day Three

I want to show you one more quilt that I made with a Layer Cake. And this one is REALLY yummy because it's made of chocolate and cherries. This is the Oh, Fudge! Collection by Benartex. I've shared it here before. First, the stack.

Oh, Fudge stack of 10-1/2" squares

I used them to make TWO quilts. First, my favorite Valentine quilt - I Love You. The inner border, cream block backgrounds and the binding are not from the Layer Cake, but everything else is!

I Love You from the Oh, Fudge Collection

Then I cut up the rest to make one more Bubbles and Hexagons quilt. I donated this to my quilting group for a local children's charity. Can you believe all those chocolates and cherries and fudge pieces?

Bubbles and Hexagons using the Oh, Fudge Collection

Now, let me show you some quilts I've made with stacks of 10-1/2" squares. Why that size? Because it's a number that is easily divisible by 3 and you can actually get four 10-1/2" squares from every length of 10-1/2" x 42" strip! This was a series I called "Magic Stax" and I developed about a dozen patterns. They were the basis for quite a few workshops.

First came Sugarloaf. We use stacks of six 10-1/2" squares, draw a simple cutting schematic on a piece of freezer paper (not random, mind you), iron the freezer paper to the top of the stack and then cut along the lines. We shuffle the patches and each of the six layers is a unique block!

Sugarloaf Quilt: 53" x 62" (24 blocks)

I had squares pre-cut for my workshops and the students just jumped right in. They were working on a smaller version of 12 blocks.

Sugarloaf quilt: 39" x 45"

And one more for today (and I have several other to share next week). This is my Stained Glass Pickup Sticks. It was published in a quilting magazine about 10 years ago. Notice how the black and white "stained glass" strips meet - that's because this is NOT random cutting.

Each stack uses four 10-1/2" squares. The blocks finish to 10" and there is NO waste.

Stained Glass Pickup Sticks: 54" x 64"

Click the link to see the other 5 quilts I've made with this pattern. I guess I must like it. It's a fabulous way to use a stack of squares with a small amount of companion fabric, plus borders. My students enjoyed the process and many went on to make more, just like me!

Here's the most recent one using a stack of tropical batiks from Michael Miller.

Stained Glass Pickup Sticks

See you next time with more quilts made using pre-cuts!