A Block for April's Fool Day

 My Block a Day Calendar with Martingale has the Fool's Puzzle Block for today. It's a Drunkard's Path design. Take a look:

Fool's Puzzle sewn by Patricia Bryant of Australia

It is 12" in the calendar. I simplified the piecing by appliquéing the quarter circle to a background square cut to 3-1/2". Then the excess is trimmed away from under the curved patch. VERY easy!!

I have made several Drunkard's Path quilts using this technique that I simplified over 30 years ago! Here is a basket block I made by machine about 25 years ago. She still waits to be made into something.

Here's another from 25 years ago. I still own it. Authentic feed sacks in some blocks and the outer border.

Feed Sack Love Ring

Here's another one that I call Hawaiian Love Ring:

So, no fooling! You can conquer these traditional curved blocks with simple raw edge appliqué.

One more made with feed sacks. One of my absolute favorites and lives comfortably up in my closet. This is a Trip Around the World assembly.

Have a lovely day and don't let anyone play tricks on you!